Betsson Group Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Betsson Group Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Betsson Group Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Anastasios Ioannidis, from Betsson Group Affiliates, recently spoke with AffPapa about the company’s background, how innovations influence the market, and shared affiliate marketing strategies.

Yeva: Anastasios, you’ve been in iGaming since 2006. How did it all start? How did you join Betsson?

It all started back in 2006 soon after the completion of my postgraduate studies in Austria. Since then, I have obtained strong Affiliate experience in Affiliate departments of operators such as William Hill, Mr Green and Bet-at-home. In November 2021, I joined Betsson Group Affiliates as Regional Affiliate Team Lead for the Western & South Europe Region which includes markets such as Italy and Greece. I am super thrilled to be part of the Betsson Group Affiliates Team, the most talented Affiliate Team of the industry! No wonder that Betsson Group Affiliates has received multiple awards. Just recently we won the Affiliate Program of the Year at the AffPapa iGaming Awards 2022!

Yeva: How can operators and affiliates enhance their profit margins? What are some affiliate marketing tactics you employ that our readers could find useful?

anastasios ioannidis betsson group affiliates
Anastasios Ioannidis, Regional Affiliate Manager

Aside from the ability to grow the audience and increase revenues, affiliates can help operators to promote their brands’ safer gaming policies and direct consumers towards those brands within the regulated iGaming industry that are focused on the safety and protection of their players. If you are an iGaming operator looking for new and more effective ways to market your brand, affiliate partners may just be the right thing for you. iGaming affiliates are an incredibly valuable resource for companies who are looking to expand their market reach or increase the sales and conversions they are receiving from their marketing campaigns. iGaming affiliates can also be a great opportunity for brands to advertise their safer gambling policies and show their players all of the different ways that they are committed to helping them and protecting their data and their money. As well as using iGaming affiliates who are already established within the iGaming community, there are benefits to making use of affiliate partners from other niches too. If the aim of your marketing campaign is to grow your audience and improve your brand awareness, then partnering with affiliates from other market segments would help your brand connect with audiences that you may not otherwise have the means to reach.

Yeva: Have you ever had a bad encounter with an affiliate? How do you deal with such issues?

Though we might plan otherwise and put all our efforts into ensuring that our campaigns run smoothly, there is always a chance that a deal goes wrong, and things end up going slightly sour with the affiliate. As affiliate managers, we need to know how to deal with an affiliate correctly. There are several steps that we need to take to ensure that this is a productive process for both the affiliate and us the operator. The first step I always take is to establish precisely what went wrong with the deal. No matter what, we need to make sure that we are as professional, straightforward and as gracious as possible throughout the process. Sometimes it isn’t worth it to try to salvage something. When a deal goes wrong, the best path can sometimes be to cut things loose. Removing an active affiliate from your program can be a difficult decision to make, but it could also be the best move for your program overall. Last and not least, we need to think about what is best for our program and make sure we pay close attention to the attitude of the affiliate. If they are willing to learn from their mistakes, we could very easily continue to work with them.

Yeva: The market has advanced significantly in recent years, with innovative solutions such as cryptocurrency and AI gradually entering the iGaming sector. Do you believe engaging in them will be beneficial in the long run?

The implementation of cryptocurrencies in more and more casino operators is something that we are noticing. AI is gradually entering the iGaming industry and we should except VR technology to arrive to the online betting sector pretty soon too.  All of these new trends should be taken into serious consideration by the operators as they might help them in the long run to serve efficiently the needs of niche customer target groups.

Yeva: What would you say are some of the most challenging aspects of entering new markets?

There’s a myriad of considerations to be made when entering a new market with the usual adaptation of product, processes and operations. Obviously the compliance and regulatory practices which are put in force in every market are one of the most challenging aspects of a new market entry.  It is important to be flexible and to shape an offering very carefully to account for differing regulatory practices in any given territory. You can never be too diligent in this regard and it is of paramount importance.

Yeva: Let’s discuss responsible gambling. What measures does Betsson use to tackle problem gambling? Do you believe that the emphasis on player protection has increased within the industry in recent years?

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Betsson Group Affiliates review

It is very obvious that emphasis on player protection has increased significantly within the industry during the recent years. Responsible gaming is the cornerstone of Betsson’s business, and crucial for building long-term and sustainable customer relationships. Responsible Gaming is therefore the most important sustainability area for Betsson. Betsson offers its customers a wide range of tools for responsible gaming, for example deposit limits, self-exclusion, personal time limit for gambling, self-evaluation tests and access to well-trained and professional customer service staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, Betsson has an analysis tool, the Responsible Gaming Prediction Tool, which makes it possible to monitor customers’ gaming behaviour in real time.

Yeva: Any exciting plans from Betsson in the near future we should look forward to?

With new tools and ways of engaging with our partners, we’ll focus on making our affiliate program even better and more user friendly.

We strive to give our affiliates the best user experience and customer satisfaction possible by providing them with the best affiliate support in the business, as well as amazing games, features, reporting, tools, and marketing/sponsorship opportunities to help them maximize their commissions.

Yeva: Anastasios, let’s get to know you better now! What does a “perfect day” look like for you?

My good days at work are defined by feeling accomplished and that I’ve made progress on the projects I’m working on. I feel really accomplished when I see constant growth in the markets I am working on. There is a fine line between being “busy” and being “engaged”. “Accomplishing something I enjoy doing that’s needed.”

Company: Betsson Group Affiliates
Interviewee: Anastasios Ioannidis
Date: 19.09.2022

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