Casino Affiliate Programs in 2023

Casino Affiliate Programs in 2023

Casino Affiliate Programs in 2023

Have you ever wondered, as an Affiliate, what Casino Affiliate Programs to join, and what to base that decision on?

Well, this article will help you navigate through the world of Casino Affiliate Programs, as an adventurous Affiliate, looking for fruitful partnerships with Operators.

When joining a Casino Affiliate Program, your main goal is to optimize your profit by boosting casino traffic/gambling traffic to said Operator’s website.

Interestingly, today the Casino Affiliate Marketing is a multi-billion, ever-growing and ever-expanding business, the public interest towards which, has grown by an astonishing 200% since 2015, according to Google Trends data.

So, now that we have established the profitability of the Casino Affiliate Program business, let’s fix our focus on the types of Operators and their particularities, to help YOU, the wondering Affiliate, make the best partnership decision in 2022. Bellow you will find a comprehensive list of decent and affpapa-verified Operators and their Casino Affiliate Programs at your disposal.

Gypsy Affiliates
Products : Casino, LiveCasino, other
GEOs: Canada, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Ireland, Iceland, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, crypto
RevShare: up to 45% + CPA, Hybrid
Betsson Group Affiliates
Products : Sports, Casino, Esports, Live Casino, P2P
GEOs: Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland etc.
RevShare: 20% - 40%
Campeon Partners
Products : Sports, Casino, Esports, Live Casino, Lottery, P2P
GEOs: United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Finland, South Korea, Denmark, Spain, Portugal etc.
RevShare: 20% - 50%
WOW Partners
Products : Sportsbook, Casino, Esports, LiveCasino, VirtualSports
GEOs: Australia, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Oman,
RevShare: 35%-50%
RocketPlay Partners
Products : Casino, LiveCasino
GEOs: Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, other
RevShare: 25%-50%
NetBet Affiliates
Products : Casino, Sports, Esports, Live Casino, Poker
GEOs: United Kingdom, Italy, France, Belgium, Brazil, Germany etc.
RevShare: 10% - 35%
1XBET Partners
Products : Sportsbook, Casino, Bingo, Esports, LiveCasino, Lottery, Poker - P2P
GEOs: India
RevShare: up to 40%
MostBet Partners
Products : Sports, Casino, Esports, LiveCasino
GEOs: Bangladesh, Czech Republic, India Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
RevShare: up to 60%
Playfina Partners
Products : Casino, Live Casino
GEOs: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Switzerland
RevShare: 25% - 45%
BC.Game Affiliates
Products : Casino, Live Casino
GEOs: Germany, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Others
RevShare: up to 50%
Efbet Affiliates
Products : Sports, Casino, Esports, LiveCasino, VirtualSports, Other
GEOs: Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Spain
RevShare: 35%-50%
Products : Sports, Casino, Esports
GEOs: Italy, France, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Austria, Greece, Czech Republic etc.
RevShare: 10% - 40%
Products : Sports, Casino, Bingo, Esports, LiveCasino, Lottery
GEOs: Mexico
RevShare: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid
Products : Casino, Sports
GEOs: CIS, Europe, Canada, Latam, Asia, New Zealand, Nordic
RevShare: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid
Enchant Affiliates
Products : Casino, LiveCasino, Lottery, Poker - P2P
GEOs: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland
RevShare: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid
FortuneJack Partners
Products : Sports, Casino, Dice, Live Casino
GEOs: Canada, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan etc
RevShare: 25%- 70%
Winz Casino
Products : Casino
GEOs: Canada
RevShare: 30-45%
888Starz Partners
Products : Sports, Casino, Esports, LiveCasino, Lottery, Other
GEOs: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, India, Chile
RevShare: up to 35%
Conquestador Affiliates
Products : Casino, Live Casino
GEOs: Canada, UK, Finland etc.
RevShare: 25% - 45%
ZenBet Partners
Products : Casino, Live Casino, Sports, E-sports
GEOs: Brazil, Canada, Germany
RevShare: 25% - 50%
ArcaneBet Affiliates
Products : Casino, Live Casino, Sports, E-sports
GEOs: Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Norway etc.
RevShare: 25% - 45%
Gambling Craft
Products : Casino, Live Casino
GEOs: Austria, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Finland, Czech Republic etc.
RevShare: 20% - 50%
Stars Affiliate Club
Products : Poker
GEOs: USA, United Kingdom, Germany,Italy, Spain, Sweden etc.
RevShare: 10% - 35%
MelBet Affiliates
Products : Sports, Casino, Esports, Live Casino, Fast Games
GEOs: Africa, India, Russian Federation, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, Australia, China etc.
RevShare: 25% - 50%
Products : Sports, Casino, Esports, Live Casino
GEOs: Canada, Finland, Norway, Poland, Italy, New Zealand, Brazil etc.
RevShare: 45% - 50%
Products : Sportsbook, Casino, LiveCasino
GEOs: Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Switzerland
RevShare: 30% - 45%

To understand the particularities of different Operators, let’s categorize them by the Products that they offer. Now, of course, Operators differ; they can be multi-product or single-product, meaning that one single Operator can offer either just one or more than one of the following products simultaneously:

  • Casino
  • Sportsbook
  • Esports
  • P2P Poker
  • Hybrid

When approaching each product, the first thing we must pay attention to are the pros and cons of the website from the players’ perspective, and then the commission plan. For this purpose, we will have to look not only at an operator’s main website, but also their affiliate program.

The latter is the main platform for affiliates to find the answers to their questions regarding the potential casino affiliate program partnership.

Now, let’s walk through each product in more detail to find out what you should pay attention to.


Casino affiliate programs are the most popular products in the iGaming affiliates industry. Most of the gambling affiliates produce comparisons and reviews for casino products.

The first thing an affiliate should take a look at when examining an operator’s casino product is the list of their Casino Providers (Vendors) – The more popular and well-established the casino providers, the easier it will be to promote the casino product. Strive to reach out to operators that feature big names in the casino industry, do your research.

Secondly, Casino Bonuses and Free Spins – This same logic applies here; it is always easier to promote a product and boost player engagement when the product comes with a set of attractive benefits. Try to pick brands with Progressive Jackpots generating by operators themselves as well as integrated Jackpots of the most popular slot vendors.

Thirdly, the commission plan – this information will usually be available on an operator’s affiliate program. An adequate commission for a casino product varies from 30-50%.


When dealing with Sports betting product, as it is with any other product, your examination begins at the variety and the benefits of the product offering. The highest monetizing sportsbook websites are the ones that offer various Sports events, special benefits such as Promotions, Free Bets, Cashbacks, etc.

For Sports Events, the main thing to pay attention to are the leagues; the more leagues an operator has, the better is the product. Look for operators that feature popular sports leagues such as NBA, UFC, UEFA, Gold Cup, ITF, etc.

Another focal point is the operator’s Market coverage – the more markets an operator offers, the easier conversion of players is, which translates to a better-quality sports product and higher monetization.

What comes to Promotions and Free Bets, those can manifest in various forms, depending on the specific operator. For example, an operator could offer some percentage of Free Bets on specific days and occasions, or a daily number of Free Bets to loyal customers, as well as fun games for prizes, bonus bets on special days, and the list goes on.

All of these are things that indicate the quality of an operator’s Sports offering, and how attractive is their Product for the Customer.

After having examined an operator’s Sports product thoroughly, it is time to get acquainted with the commission plan on the operator’s affiliate website. The commission plan for Sports usually varies from 20-45%.


In comparison to traditional Sports, aside from the obvious difference (Esports industry didn’t suffer from covid19 restricitons), Esports are a newer and more modern product, currently at a rise in popularity due to the world’s situation in times of a global pandemic.

Moreover, according to trends predictions for the next decade, Esports might become even more popular than traditional Sports.

But just as any other product, an operator’s Esports offering should also look attractive, by incorporating Special Bonuses, Promotions, Competitions, Special Events, Tournaments, etc.

The biggest worldwide Esports Tournaments include the League of Legends World Championship, Intel Extreme Masters, FIFA Interactive World Cup, and more. All of which, in case of being featured on a website, will surely make the operator’s Esports Product extremely competitive and attractive for players.

The commission plan might also differ from that of a Sport product, varying from a 20-50%, depending on the specific operator.

P2P Poker

Next up, we have the P2P Poker category – another popular product with great demand.

When dealing with this product, the benefits you should fix your view at are the following: Tournaments, Live Poker, Special Bonuses, Free Plays, Bonus Codes, etc.

For instance, is handling more than 6 major Tournaments on Sundays, and 5 annual ones.

PokerStars also offers the high-quality Live Poker experiences through tours from the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, to the European Poker Tour, and Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP).

Special Bonuses, Free Plays and Bonus Codes – from interesting welcome offers, to celebratory offers on special occasions, will also usually be specific to an operator, depending on how they choose to market their Poker product.

The commission plan for P2P Poker differs from poker product operator to operator.

For P2P Poker the Revshare commissions typically differ from 10-45%.


Conditionally called ‘hybrid’ or multi-product / multi-offering operators include more than one type of casino product. An operator would be considered multi-product if on their website they were offering more than one main product: Casino, Poker, Sportsbook etc. from which players could choose where to have fun, and affiliates could choose which product to promote.

When you register as an affiliate at a multi-product operator’s affiliate program, you gain access to their entire product offerings. The commission plans for each type of product will usually differ respectively (i.e.: commissions for Casino are slightly higher than for Poker).

Multiproduct affiliate programs sometimes offer CPA or Hybrid deals alongside with standard Revshare deals

CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition (or Cost Per Action), and implies that, as an affiliate, if you sign up for this type of commission plan, you will earn your commissions per qualified player . A player is considered as qualified, after the first deposit or after meeting any other condition. Whereas, in case of a Revshare (Revenue Share) commission model, affiliates gain their commission based on customers’ performances.

CPA commissions usually differ, depending on the region or the country. Roughly from 50-250 US Dollars or 80-200 Euros, etc. Depending on the specific GEO, the average CPA for Canadian players is around 130 USD, for UK the number is around 140 GBP but depending on many factors these numbers can vary.

And Hybrid plans, following the logic, would be the combination of CPA and Revshare commissions, meaning that you get the best of both worlds.

In order to claim the best offers from the top operators of iGaming industry, join us now – The ultimate directory for casino affiliates and operators!

Make sure you check our Casino Affiliate Programs page – where we feature some of the best, making it easier for you to sort through the programs using our advanced filters. Register as an affiliate on our website free of charge and get all the information you need as well as the opportunity to contact the operators directly, with no third party intervention.

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