Interview with Iurii Timofeev — CMO at P4P.Partners

Interview with Iurii Timofeev — CMO at P4P.Partners

Interview with Iurii Timofeev — CMO at P4P.Partners

AffPapa recently interviewed Iurii Timofeev, the CMO at P4P.Partners, who shared insights on how to expand a brand while preserving a solid reputation and overcoming obstacles in the traffic industry. Iurii gave a comprehensive overview of P4P.Partners’ operations, challenges, and future plans, offering valuable insights for affiliates and industry stakeholders.

Yeva: How does P4P.Partners maintain a strong reputation among affiliates and online casinos, and what steps do you take to address any challenges that come up?

First of all, I would like to provide an overview of what entails. Although we just celebrated our first year as a partnership program, we have been involved in the gambling industry since 2016. During all this time, the p4p team has worked and continues to work with casino and sportsbook brands, providing support and retention services. Thanks to our experience in the gambling industry, and the combined skills and experience of our team, we are able to establish contacts and secure deals with the largest media partners.

As for the challenges, we understand that the traffic market is quite limited. There are not many partners who can provide top-tier traffic. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to shift the attention of such partners away from major brands that have been on the market for a long time. However, persistence, a professional approach, and openness help us secure major deals with top partners. We are always open and can be found at industry events such as IGB, ICE, Sigma, and so on, as well as at smaller local conferences. By the way, we are going to IGB in Amsterdam next week. We don’t have many available slots, but we are ready to meet with anyone interested in collaboration. 

Additionally, the partners we work with note that we operate very quickly—from issuing links to reconciliations and payments. All of this together allows us to address these challenges.

Yeva: What marketing strategies do you utilize to grow your brand and gain higher recognition among affiliates?

If a brand does not convert, it is quite difficult to obtain high-quality traffic. The better the conversion rate, the higher your rankings. Conversion directly impacts the ROI of the partners themselves. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that our brands perform well. We are currently investing significant effort in this direction, conducting extensive marketing research, and implementing product analytics to gather as much information as possible, not only on key marketing metrics but also on player behavior, for example. All of this is done to provide partners with the most up-to-date information on product performance, supply more data for targeting, and, again, improve player engagement with the products.

Another crucial aspect is that we have in-house retention, support, and VIP services. We have been working with players for 8 years and know how to do it correctly. Often, when partners learn about this, they are more willing to make contact and agree to a deal.

Above, I have described what I consider to be two fundamental factors. In addition to this, we are, of course, working on the brand of the partnership program itself. We are listed on major industry resources and forums, and we manage reviews. You can easily leave a review of our partnership program on Trustpilot using the widget on our website. Besides this, we have several interesting features in development for partners. We plan to introduce more gamification into the partnership program. I won’t reveal all the details just yet, but I think partners will like it.

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Yeva: How do you keep affiliates updated on new products and promotions, and how does this help them maximize their earnings?

We have a content department dedicated to informing our partners. We utilize all available tools and follow a multichannel strategy. First, we use email marketing to engage both potential and current partners. Potential partners receive personalized emails and messages from our affiliate managers. For current partners, we use every possible means to convey information. This includes email newsletters, social media, direct communication with managers, and I would like to highlight an excellent tool from Affilka. With one of the recent updates, Affilka introduced a feature that allows us to publish news for partners. So, when a partner logs into Affilka, they will immediately see this information.

Therefore, if we have important updates for partners, we can quickly relay this information using the tools mentioned above. It is very important to us that affiliates are aware of all updates and promotions.

Yeva: Does P4P.Partners support affiliates who may not have a website but still want to promote your products through other online platforms?

Yes, of course. We are generally open to all types of traffic, it all depends on the quality. The source is not as important as the quality of the players we receive for our products. Overall, we welcome both experienced teams and new affiliates. On social media, we share a lot of educational materials that will be of particular interest to new affiliates.

Yeva: Do you have any new projects with high conversion rates for affiliates to look forward to? 

Let me explain step by step. First, all our brands operate in Tier 1. We have a brand called One Dun on the Easy Rocket platform, which was our initial launch. In our main geo with PPC traffic, we have solid metrics – 25-30% click-to-deposit. For SEO, it reaches up to 20%. The second brand we introduced is Spades Queen, on the SoftSwiss platform. The geos for this brand differ from those we target with One Dun. The performance metrics for Spades Queen are slightly lower than those for One Dun, with 15-20% click-to-deposit. Our third product, Ninlay, is on the Soft2Bet platform. Regarding registration-to-deposit (reg2dep), the average conversion rate across all geos is around 40%, with Scandinavia standing out significantly. In one of the geos there last week, the reg2dep conversion was 100%. We are open to receiving high-quality traffic for all these products. For more detailed information on geos and other necessary data, as well as contact details for our managers, you can visit our website –

Additionally, we plan to launch another Tier 1 brand within the next two months on the True Flip platform. At the moment, I can’t disclose all the details, but it will undoubtedly be a highly profitable product for both us and our partners.

Yeva: Can you explain the flexible deals offered by P4P.Partners, such as CPA, Rev.share, and Hybrid, and how affiliates can benefit from each of these models?

We generally collaborate not only with all the types of deals you mentioned but also, for example, on a pay-per-click basis with some major partners. We are confident in the conversion rates of our products, and if a partner has exceptionally high-quality traffic, we are open to considering this option as well. Additionally, we are willing to work on a prepay basis if an affiliate requests it.

When it comes to CPA, Rev.Share, and Hybrid models, our partners consistently see profits, regardless of the type of deal. As I mentioned earlier, we excel at working with players and providing them with top-tier gaming services. It’s also important to highlight that we customize deals to suit individual partners. While there are basic deal parameters specific to each geo, we remain highly flexible. We recognize that if a partner delivers truly high-quality traffic, we can offer a deal above the standard rate. If a partner starts with a standard deal but shows excellent performance, we will gladly provide an increase. Our objective is to ensure profitability not only for ourselves but also for our partners. This is crucial for us.

Yeva: Iurii, tell us about your support system. How important is this level of support for P4P.Partners in ensuring success?

My colleagues, who perform incredible work in this area daily, could best explain this. Speaking broadly, we see our work as a complex mechanism. We identify a partner, who then brings in a player. The player becomes acquainted with the product, and upon registration, they start interacting with it through emails, SMS, and push notifications. The support and VIP departments then assist the player, making their experience smoother and more engaging by offering various bonuses, for instance. Meanwhile, we maintain communication with the partner to attract more players who will follow this entire journey. The support and VIP departments are essential components of this mechanism; without them, none of this would function properly.

Yeva: What trends do you foresee in the affiliate marketing space, and how is P4P.Partners preparing to adapt to these changes?

I see that some affiliate programs are gradually shifting away from social traffic, opting to focus more on PPC and SEO. However, considering the current challenges with PPC traffic—such as constant Google raids and various other issues—many top affiliates are finding it difficult to navigate. This is quite concerning. Nonetheless, it also pushes us and our partners to explore new opportunities and grow.

At present, I can confidently say that SEO traffic and placements on listing sites are crucial for establishing an online casino brand. They at least help players familiarize themselves with your product. Despite everyone’s efforts in affiliate marketing, there is always a desire to acquire as much high-quality organic traffic as possible. This goal is attainable only through robust in-house SEO and ORM practices.

In the end, all aspects of our operations are interlinked, and success requires a cohesive effort across all fronts. As mentioned earlier, the traffic market is limited. New brands are emerging every day, increasing competition. Achieving real success demands consistent, high-quality work across all areas—player engagement, affiliate marketing, branding, SEO, online reputation, and more.

Yeva: Lastly, Iurii, tell us how you like to unwind after a busy day. Do you have a hobby that you’re passionate about?

To be honest, there is so much work right now that I don’t always find time for my hobbies. When I do have some free time, I enjoy studying languages because it’s something that inspires me and keeps me motivated. Learning a new language not only opens up new cultures and opportunities but also enhances my cognitive abilities. Each language carries its own cultural codes and ways of thinking—it’s fascinating to see how this shapes your own perspective.

I also have a passion for traveling. It doesn’t always have to be to far-off places; local tourism can be just as exciting. There’s always something new to discover, even in places you think you know well. 

Company: P4P.Partners
Interviewee: Iurii Timofeev
Date: 11.07.2024

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