Atari reveals plans for new crypto casino

Atari reveals plans for new crypto casino

Posted by: AffPapa

CEO of Atari SA, Frederic Chesnais, has announced the software firm’s plans to launch a brand new Ethereum-based blockchain casino in a new agreement with Decentral Games.

This new plan will be featuring titles filled with nostalgia as well as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which are able to be purchased in order to obtain additional digital currency. In a joint statement released by both parties, it was mentioned that wagers will surpass $150 million throughout the year, and $400 million throughout the next two years.

Atari is notorious for its massively popular and innovative arcade games, video game console and computers that it launched between the years of 1975 and the early 80s. The company was founded by Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell, and is well-known for being the creator of the legendary Pacman game.

Nowadays, the gaming company has been taking on a multimedia approach, and its new venture into crypto is not a surprising matter, seeing how quickly the crypto scene has been growing as of late. Many firms have been utilizing the blockchain technology, mainly in the iGaming world, since it is much more secure and has changed the industry entirely.

However, a lot of people still do not trust blockchain casinos, but fans of cryptocurrencies have claimed that crypto casinos are the future of gambling. Many believe that crypto casinos do not bring anything special and legitimate to the table, drawing skepticism from many. And even though these casinos operate like any other iGaming casino would, they rely on a blockchain technology for an added layer of safety and privacy.

Despite that, crypto casinos are also subject to the same issues that other cryptocurrencies face, including that there are no regulations. NFTs have also been acquiring some population lately, as CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey announced that he sold his very first tweet as an NFT.

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