Fake casino chips scam in Macau

Fake casino chips scam in Macau

Fake casino chips scam in Macau

Five people were arrested after fake casino chips were discovered at a Macau casino.

 They were accused of attempting to use fake chips in an initiative to scam the casino. The fake chips, each labeled with a value of HK$10,000, were found by the authorities to be worth around HK$5.85 million (US$740K). At a casino on the Cotai Strip, arrests took place.  The arrested people acknowledged their own guilt.

These offenders were thought to be employed by a Chinese mainland crime organization. Without specialized tools, it was difficult to distinguish the highly complex fake chips from the actual ones. The majority of casinos in Macau do not yet have RFID technology, in contrast to several casinos in Las Vegas that use specific chips with this technology to identify fakes.

Macau casinos are beginning to deploy RFID technology to detect counterfeit chips due to the huge number of fake chip crimes. This method facilitates the rapid determination of the authenticity of chips. In Asia, fake chips are frequently marketed online and might have casino names and emblems that are nearly exact replicas of the real thing.

Because of the harsh penalties for forgery and counterfeiting in Macau, using fake chips there is extremely dangerous. Like China, Macau has a criminal statute that penalizes using counterfeit chips with as much as ten years in prison and a fine of CN¥150,000 (US$20,700).

Reports of forced labor and terrible prison conditions are common in China. Through employment and education, China’s imprisonment law seeks to reform criminals.

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