Good News for the British Betting and Gaming Industry

Good News for the British Betting and Gaming Industry

Good News for the British Betting and Gaming Industry

Almost a hundred casinos will resume serving customers as the lockdown regulations are being eased in the United Kingdom. The country’s betting and gaming industry association, the Betting and Gaming Council that always stresses the importance of the gaming and betting industry for the British economy, has welcomed the lift of restrictions.

Moreover, restrictions regarding the broadcasting of ongoing matches are no longer valid. Apart from few cities where harsh lockdown rules will be extended, Scottish sports fans will be able to enjoy gaming machines as well.

The loft of some COVID-19 related restriction doesn’t mean that gamblers shouldn’t be cautious. The wagers must keep the social distancing as well as wear masks and pay attention to their hygiene at the casinos.

Chief Executive Officer at Betting and Gaming Council and ex-MP, Mr. Michael Dugher welcomed resuming the operations of casinos and praised the industry employees for creating a secure environment in the casinos during the pandemic. Mr. Dugher also noted that

The UK betting and gambling industry has traditionally had an important place in the state’s economy. After resuming their operation betting shops and casinos will contribute to the recovery of the British economy. The betting shops have already proved their capability to operate safely during the pandemic and easing the restrictions shows the trust they have.

The Betting and Gaming Council notes that more than 11 thousand people are engaged in the UK casino industry. The British casinos pay more than 0.5bln GBP taxes thus further emphasizing the major role the industry plays in the country.

Furthermore, in the study published 2 months ago, Ernst and Young found out that 46 thousand people all over the UK are employed in betting shops, and the industry’s contribution to the Treasury is calculated to be 1bln GBP.

According to the report betting businesses also support sports in the UK and invest in traditional British sports forms like horse racing.

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