Playza launches new decentralized crypto casino

Playza launches new decentralized crypto casino

Playza launches new decentralized crypto casino

Playza has announced the launch of its crypto casino on the TRON network. The blockchain-based operator will be providing a safe and transparent iGaming environment for all crypto fans in the regions where it is able to, adding a wide variety of traditional casino games to the mix. 

The crypto casino will not need any signing in or form filling to take place. Playza will be supporting TRON and TRX tokens only for deposits, although the operator is looking into supporting more cryptocurrencies in the near future, such as Ethereum. 

All users are entirely free to play roulette, slots and a variety of well-known casino games by simply joining the platform through the TRONLink, which is the most widely used crypto wallet for all TRON users.

Playza is offering a great advantage for players with the crypto casino, since now there will be no middleman in the process. The launch of this decentralized crypto casino means that there is no more need for players to fill out forms giving away their information or even having to verify their identity. They simply must connect TRONLink, add funds to their account and enjoy the games.

Playza does not have its own token at the moment, but it will be handing out dividends to the top most active users for a rate of 10% of the total revenue that they have gathered. The crypto casino also does not have any deposit limits for the games.

Playza chief operating officer, Billy Nguyen, spoke of the launch saying:

“We at Playza are excited to provide the gambling and crypto communities the most restriction free experience ever imagined! Using cutting edge TRONLink technology, we put the user in the driver’s seat, controlling every aspect of their balance and play from their personal wallets to our games.”

TRON has long been known as being the “Las Vegas on the blockchain” since it has so many decentralized gambling apps under its wing. Some of those include the likes of Limitless, TronVegas and many others that allow players to bet using cryptocurrency and withdraw their funds straight into their crypto wallet.

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