Better Collective advances with Playmaker Integration

Better Collective advances with Playmaker Integration

Better Collective advances with Playmaker Integration

Better Collective, a company that works at the intersection of sports betting and media has recently come out with some good news regarding their process of integrating Playmaker Capital, their acquired asset.

Since the first quarter of the year, this integration has gone quite well, which has increased Better Collective’s confidence in becoming the leading media authority for South American gambling audiences.

The purchase that was completed in February has opened up significant prospects for an increase in income in a period of merely three months according to Jesper Søgaard who is the chief executive officer of Better Collective.

Flemming Pedersen, Better Collective’s CFO claimed to share this viewpoint when commenting on how the acquisition of Playmaker will help the company achieve its targets: taking over sport gambling markets as well as media consumption industries.

Better Collective announced a remarkable achievement in their media sector in their first-quarter update: they currently own three of the top five sports podcasts, highlighting their strategic focus on media relevance. With important sporting events like the Euros and the Olympics in Paris approaching, Søgaard and Pedersen are keen to keep up this momentum.

Despite these achievements, the recent update to the Google search engine caused some difficulties for the company, first interfering with their media assets. Søgaard was quick to clarify that they’ve managed to reverse the issue; as a result of their proactive actions with partners, some of their sports media assets are currently experiencing improved rankings and increasing traffic.

Søgaard stated that he believed that Better Collective’s performance in North America was very good when he looked at particular markets and felt their commercial position in the area was “stronger than before”. One of the reasons for optimism is the successful launching of the regulated markets in North Carolina as well as healthy numbers after the Super Bowl.

But things weren’t always easy going. Operating profits for the North American market decreased by 37 percent year over year. This was caused by a strategic change in the company’s website strategy from direct earnings to a revenue share model. The leadership of Better Collective intends to carry out this change for the remaining websites in North America in the second part of the year. By aligning their North American operations with their European model, they want to stabilize their financial position and possibly reduce media expenses in the United States.

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