Illinois considers legalising online casinos

Illinois considers legalising online casinos

Illinois considers legalising online casinos

The state of Illinois is reportedly considering passing a bill that would bring forth the legalisation of online gambling throughout the state. As of now, this news is not entirely confirmed, however there is a large chance that it will be happening soon.

Currently, Illinois’s sports betting scene is seeing massive success and improvement, a factor which urged the government to focus its efforts on iGaming and online poker in hope that these two sectors will help to boost the state out of the aftermath of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

State Representative Bob Rita has been the one asking for this from the start, after he set forth a new piece of legislation for HB3142 (or the Internet Gaming Act). He proposed that the taxes set on online gambling or iGaming in the state has to be the same as the taxes on sports betting, at 12%, in order to be fair to both sectors.

This idea should spark the interest of the state’s governing body, since the iGaming industry would rake in much more profit than sports betting does. There will certainly be many in the state who will be opposed to this, not only residents but also officials and business, since the gambling sector is usually seen as harmful for the economy and society in general.

If this HB3142 legislation passes, the Illinois Gaming Control Board will be given 90 exact days to administer the act. They are allowed to use current sports betting legislation to do this, then add on any modifications they deem fitting to the casino scene.

All operators who are interested in acquiring a licence from the state would have to pay an application fee worth $100,000, as well as $250,000 for renewals. The minimum age requirements for online gambling would also be 21 years old, and only those in the state are allowed to take part.

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