Kieran Trippier fined and suspended over betting violations

Kieran Trippier fined and suspended over betting violations

Posted by: AffPapa

Kieran Trippier Atletico Madrid and England defender has been suspended and fined over the breach of the FA’s Betting Rules.

These violations took place in July 2019, and were intensely denied by the player. Trippier played in Tottenham Hotspur’s 2019 Champions League final appearance, before he joined Atletico Madrid in the Spanish La Liga. An independent regulatory commission proved four of the seven breaches of the FA’s Rule E8 (1)(b), but dismissed the other three.

The footballer is now facing a £70,000 fine and a ten week ban from matches, which will effective worldwide after 23 December 2020, after an application to FIFA.

The independent regulatory commission’s written reasons for its decision to sanction Kieran Trippier will be revealed in the next few months.

Earlier in December, West Bromwich Albion ‘Loan Manager’ Paul Terry, who is the brother of Chelsea’s John Terry, was given a £1000 fine after he confessed to over 209 breaches of football’s betting regulations.

Terry had reportedly placed a bunch of “disturbingly high stakes bets” which amounted to a total of £63,800.40, and that includes two £10,000 bets on the Champions League fixture between Manchester United and Basel and England’s international friendly against Germany.

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