LoyalBet – iGaming Voice by Yeva

LoyalBet – iGaming Voice by Yeva

LoyalBet – iGaming Voice by Yeva

In a recent interview with AffPapa Renato Baldo, the CEO of LoyalBet, discussed the importance of responsible gambling, the popular offerings among the company’s audience as well as one of his other industry ventures, BookmakersAAMS, a rapidly-expanding review website.

Yeva: I’d like to begin our interview with a brief introduction to LoyalBet. What does the company offer and how does it stand out from the competition, Renato?

It’s tough to stand out, but we know that our product is great! Loyalbet was created to be the first point of choice when it comes to offering live bets on thousands of sports: to stand out from the rest, in our casino you will find all the best odds, with a strong focus on offering a wide range of sport competitions frome the most reliable providers.

In addition to the gaming offers, LoyalBet places great emphasis on customer service: our players are not just random strangers, but rather an important part of a bigger community.

Yeva: Does LoyalBet have any plans of expanding its presence to new jurisdictions outside of where it already operates? If so, where would the company look to expand first?

Right now we are focusing on the Italian market, but we are working to open in new markets. It’s all still under consideration, but the UK and Brazil are our first options.

Yeva: As the topic of responsible gambling is garnering an ever-increasing amount of attention, what does LoyalBet do to ensure the safety of its user base?

The safety of our players comes first: we are in constant contact with the ADM (Italian regulator) to implement only those games that comply with all current laws, making sure to check every week for issues and new releases.

Beyond that, the player has an obligation to decide on a strict budget: we always remember that playing on LoyalBet should be fun and you should never use money that you cannot afford to lose.

Yeva: LoyalBet offers a rich catalogue of gambling and sports wagering options. Which games and sports are the most popular with the company’s audience?

Football is always the sport of choice, for us Italians it is almost a religion. Tennis and basketball also gather a good audience of players. Also, in recent times, we have noticed an increase in those who prefer to bet on eSports, a field in which we are focusing a lot.

AffPapa and LoyalBet announce new partnership
AffPapa and LoyalBet announce new partnership

Yeva: Let’s change gears for a bit now and talk about one of your other ventures, BookmakersAAMS. What does it offer to its readers?

BookmakerAams.eu is a multi-language review and news site. The goals are twofold: on the one hand to help those looking for a legal bookmaker to make informed choices, and on the other hand to give sports information that can help both when betting and simply as curiosity.

Yeva: When it comes to selecting which operators to review on BookmakersAAMS, what are some of the key factors the firm takes into consideration in the selection process?

First of all, the licence number and legal aspects: we pay close attention to this point and, as a first step, we analyse the history of the company and check the licence number.

Then how the winnings are handled and what payout systems it offers. Our reviews are constantly updated and we have a dedicated team that tests the bookmakers to discover flaws and problems.

Yeva: Keeping with the theme, what do you think are the most important factors that players should take into consideration when choosing which casinos to play at? How does BookmakersAAMS help its audience in this regard?

As I said before, the legal aspects are crucial: if a bookmaker is not authorised to operate in Italy, it is essential that the player is informed of all the dangers involved.

Besides this, it seems silly to say, but it is important to test the technology and see how it responds from mobile, if there is a dedicated application and how customer service replies in case of need.

Our team analyses and reviews many casinos, clearly highlighting pros and cons: we are not interested in ‘ripping off’ readers, we are also gamblers and we know how important it is to have sources of information we can trust.

Yeva: I’m certain that leading multiple successful businesses is not the easiest task, Renato. Could you share a bit about some of the challenges of being the CEO of both LoyalBet and BookmakersAAMS at the same time?

First of all, it is important to devote the right amount of time to both projects, being careful not to mix up the work. Then I am lucky, I have a structured team that helps me manage both.

One of the main challenges I face on a daily basis is definitely the content side: preparing editorial plans that are complementary is always a big challenge, and on the SEO side there is no messing around either, as these are projects with similar targets but different customer journeys.

Yeva: Now that we’re nearing the end of our interview, I’m sure our audience will want to learn more about you, Renato. What do you do in your spare time? What are your passions outside of iGaming?

I consider myself a creative person who is always ready to discover new places and get new challenges: I like travelling, but I would never give up my beautiful Calabrian Sea. I am also a sommelier and passionate about art: if I wasn’t doing what I do, I would probably be an art historian or have my own winery.

Company: LoyalBet
Interviewee: Renato Baldo
Date: 30.06.2023

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