Sportradar and NBA sign an exclusive agreement

Sportradar and NBA sign an exclusive agreement

Posted by: AffPapa

Sportradar has scored a collaboration with the National Basketball Association (NBA), becoming the NBA’s, Women’s National Basketball Association’s (WNBA), and NBA G League’s official data provider.

The long-term arrangement, which will debut at the beginning of the 2023-24 NBA season, extends a relationship that was established in 2016. 

Sportradar will be the authorised international distributor of official NBA and WNBA betting data and live game footage for anyone to stream in real-time through international sports betting providers under the terms of the agreement. The NBA will get the opportunity to obtain 3% of Sportradar’s outstanding shares for $0.01 as a part of this transaction.

Scott Kaufman-Ross, NBA’s senior vice president, head of gaming and new business ventures, mentioned:

“Sportradar has been a great ally in the league’s probe into the global sports betting scene. We’re excited to expand our collaboration with Sportradar as the field grows, enabling us to employ data-driven insights to improve user experience and innovate across the NBA.”

Carsten Koerl, CEO of Sportradar, expressed his delight about this opportunity, believing Sportradar can enhance the game’s worldwide appeal and exponential expansion. He continued:

“Basketball is a major sport in the United States. With our specialist experience and industry connections, we are best prepared to support the NBA in engaging fans throughout the world.”

The acquisition also marks a further move forward in Sportradar’s expansion in the United States, where a solid performance boosted the corporation’s financial results for Q3 of 2021. For the Q3 of 2021, the provider reported revenue of €136.8 million, up 29.9% from the same time the year before.

Koerl went on to say:

“We feel that the deal will help Sportradar maintain its lucrative operation and expansion. We have the concrete foundation to collaborate with the NBA and build innovative solutions throughout our teams, betting, and sports entertainment sectors, thanks to the time remaining on the old contract and this new long-term arrangement.”

Overall, Sportradar has had three sports partnerships during the month, starting with UEFA and the International Handball Federation (IHF) and the NBA being the third one.


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