Study reveals 80% of affiliates have not accommodated to new UK laws

Study reveals 80% of affiliates have not accommodated to new UK laws

Posted by: AffPapa

A scary new study conducted by AgeChecked has shown that 8 out of 10 affiliates have not updated their sites after the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) released new laws and regulations on age verification.

Back in August of 2018, the UKGC released its improved laws on age verification checks. Before the updating of these laws, operators were given 72 hours to go through with those checks. Now, the new rules state that the age verification checks must be carried out before any games are played.

AgeChecked revealed these results yesterday and also unveiled that less than 10% of the entirety of the affiliates in the poll even had any online age checks to begin with. Apparently, according to these statistics, there are also 55,000 problem gamblers in the country aged between 11 and 16. This number has nearly quadrupled in the last two years.

Head of Sales for AgeChecked Rachel Butcher stated:

“Their focus is generating as many leads as possible. Affiliates who are aware of the regulations have understandably expressed concerned that age checks could put off customers, however to date we have found that conversion rates are not being negatively affected. In fact, it seems that age verification can actually improve customer commitment to a site.”

Butcher also clarified that an affiliate using AgeChecked witnessed a “40% increase in conversions amongst clients after their ages had been checked”.

However, as of now, affiliates are not regulated by the UKGC as operators and providers are. New laws may possibly be in the cards for them soon. Many people in the latest House of Lords meeting were seeking more rules and regulations being introduced to these websites.

The UK has recently been taking player safety much more seriously, especially after the country imposed a ban on credit cards which will go into effect in April. A large portion of users pick their online casinos from affiliate sites, therefore these affiliates also carry the responsibility.

And when you look at the fact that operators sometimes rely on affiliates for new players, this is also important for them since the age verification process will increase the level of trust between them, all while accelerating the age checking process for both parties.

If affiliates would like brands to trust them, they will need to stop ignoring their share of the responsibility by updating their sites and complying with the new laws.

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