The results of SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator

The results of SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator

The results of SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator

Approximately 50% of players of  SOFTSWISS  increase the average amount of their bets and just about 70% of casino players make more bets every day after taking part in jackpot campaigns.

Jackpot Aggregator was released last year in October and is an iGaming tool for grabbing the attention of the players.

To analyze the impact of jackpot campaigns on the casino’s key indicators, the company’s team collected data from its first customer, the N1 Partners Group, which took advantage of local and global jackpot campaigns. Three casino group projects, namely Casino at N1 Bet, Fight Club and JooCasino, operating in the jurisdiction of Curacao, provided data from last year’s November to this year’s March to demonstrate the effect of the decision on business growth.

The response of the players

In accordance with statistics more players started taking part in jackpot campaigns. The statistics showcased that jackpots are interesting for both local players and beginners. The 50% of the players who placed jackpot bets had been registered for over a month and the other 50% were new.

Half of the audience participating in jackpot promotions make the jackpot bets only by demonstrating a conscious interest in such a promotion. Players like the benefits of jackpots, and sometimes they like those games which are part of jackpot campaigns.

Based on the report, more than 47% of players play jackpot games. Simultaneously, the share of players who constantly bet on jackpot games exceeds the share of players who do not play the jackpot: 82.3% versus 17.7%, respectively.

“The constant task for each operator is to find effective tools for acquiring and retaining players. Statistics confirm that the Jackpot aggregator is a universal solution that contributes to the growth of loyalty from both a new and already loyal audience. In accordance with the needs of the brand at the moment, the launch of the jackpot campaign helps to focus on a certain category of players, providing unlimited opportunities to influence user activity and achieve significant results.”

said A. Douhin, the product manager.

The result of the campaign

The difference in the performance of an individual player before and after participating in jackpot campaigns is one of the key indicators analyzed by the SOFTSWISS team to better understand the impact of the decision on user activity.

Prior to joining the campaign, 50% of the players increase the amount of their average bets, and the other half shows 75% increment of the average wager sum.

“The company’s work with the jackpot is a multistep process that allows the client to receive more and more new information about the players with each new campaign. The experience of the Jackpot aggregator team and the operator is crucial for creating unique campaigns that help manage key brand indicators and, accordingly, influence growth.”

explained Douhin.

The SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator is marking its place in the business by releasing the first jackpot around MGA licensed brands. At once the team is working to make the list of partners more. Providers, aggregators and casino platforms will join the jackpot system in the future.

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