Videoslots Casino releases new ‘Pool Play’ feature

Videoslots Casino releases new ‘Pool Play’ feature

Posted by: AffPapa

Videoslots Casino has announced that it will be releasing a brand new feature on its site, Pool Play. This new feature allows all players who are seeking the jackpot to team up with others and hunt for the jackpot together. really provides the most innovative and unique content in such a quick-moving and demanding industry. By doing so, it distinguishes itself from other online casinos, really raising the standards for all iGaming operators. Videoslots has turned jackpot hunting into a team effort, allowing all players to join in on the fun together.

The innovative new feature gives online slot connoisseurs the chance to buy-in to a pool for a maximum or a minimum amount, and then produce a shared balance which they can split among all the players in the group once the hunt is over.

Moreover, the feature will be launched during the operator’s Battle of Slots, which is widely popular and will be taking place during the first week of the next month. The games that will be added into this popular event include Mega Fortune Slot and Mega Moolah Slot, with some extra ones to be added soon. Videoslots will be exhibiting the innovative new feature during the event.

In a statement on the feature, Ali Atam, Videoslots Chief Marketing Officer, stated:

“Pool Play is set to take Battle of Slots to the next level by introducing a social game network that allows players to interact and support one another. They get to play their own preferred game in the knowledge that by doing so they are contributing to a pool balance that benefits everyone. They will now be hunting for the big jackpots together.”

While they hunt for jackpots, the players have the ability to communicate with each other and keep track of their performance if they check the leaderboard. Through the new feature, Videoslots also stated that all players can cash out through a button whenever they wish to do so during the event.

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