Why European operators are eyeing US expansions

Why European operators are eyeing US expansions

Why European operators are eyeing US expansions

The iGaming industry has been booming in the United States over the past year as more and more states begin to legalise online gambling and land-based gambling, mainly after the pandemic began back in 2020. Safe to say that many European operators are now eyeing the newly-regulated USA market as a golden opportunity like no other.

No one wants to miss out on such a great opportunity, especially considering the amount of people in the US and those who are fans of sports betting. This is a major reason why everyone wants their share out of this. No matter what form of gambling we take a look at, more and more people are interested in joining in within the legalised states of the country.

A lot of the companies who want the lion’s share are from Europe, who have a lot of prior experience and are looking to benefit from the US market. Many titles are now entirely available to those who wish to have them, including jackpot slots at Slotsia as well as many card and table games and others…

So what is drawing these European operators to the United States, and will they be able to make it before the US companies debut?

When taking a look at the selection of gambling firms that are currently running operations across the European continent, it is noticeable that a lot of these are the largest and the ones with the most experience across the globe. This is an advantage for them, since despite being unknown in the United States, they have lots of knowledge and prior experience. This experience can greatly help them in getting sign-ups, since these operators specialise in creating good offers and promotions that really draw in players.

Some other issues include setup problems. All European companies who provide sports betting have a sportsbook already, and since they manage sports internationally and not locally, they do not need to undergo any modifications in order to debut in the American market. This also applies to casinos, since they have many titles available which can also be played by the American gamblers.

European operators have been through countless years of experimentation, as they learned from their mistakes and really understood the industry, which allowed them to become as they are today. This is no accident for sure, and the US market is actually in need of such operators to launch in their market since this is not something that US gamblers can manage from the start.

What is in store for the future?

We have already witnessed many famous US companies joining forces with European operators and suppliers in order to provide combined services specifically made for the US market. 

This is a step in the right direction with both parties’ interests in mind, which will definitely aid all gamblers in the US since they have a company that they are familiar with and who they know is trustworthy, including from Las Vegas, and some others who had formerly provided fantasy sports gaming options.

Additionally, they are able to get the full experience of the expertness of these firms who have learned after trial and error in the industry for a while. This is the type of experience that requires hard work and time, and can’t be bought. Fantasy sports providers also cannot provide this type of experience since casino and betting is entirely different.

Despite knowing this, it is also not shocking if we see start-ups from the US who are testing the waters in the gambling scene, and are trying to find European partners in order to kick off their advancement. It is important to note that their is absolutely no knowing whether this will be successful or not, but looking at it as a whole, it’s the best way to enter the market right now since it provides the least amount of risk.

Moreover, gambling in the United States has been growing at an extremely fast pace, with no indications that it will stop anytime soon. We can expect to see gambling in the USA to keep growing and finding success, with Europeans tagging along in new opportunities.

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