Alabama legislators propose bill to legalise sports betting

Alabama legislators propose bill to legalise sports betting

Posted by: AffPapa

Alabama is the most recent state that has been putting in effort to legalise both land-based and online sports betting across the state. 

House Bill 161 is that which will allow for betting on collegiate as well as professional sports. State Representative John Rogers was the one to introduce this bill, and he went on to initiate the Alabama Sports Wagering Commission in order to help out with leading this new market.

The Commission will allegedly have the ability to provide about seven licences for different brands, which will cost approximately USD $100,000. The licences will be valid for five years, and if the company wishes to renew it then they will be charged a $100,000 renewal fee. Evidently, a 10% tax rate will also apply to adjusted sports betting receipts on a weekly basis.

Alabama becomes the most recent state that has introduced a bill to pave the way for sports betting legalisation in the country. Hawaii and Minnesota are also testing the waters for the introduction of sports betting as well as different types of gambling while sticking to the regulations.

Undoubtedly, Alabama legislators are aware of the fact that states bordering Alabama and beyond are slowly making sports betting legal and introducing secure and regulated markets for the local players.

If Alabama does not take action soon and try to change the way things are now, the state will come face to face with the possibility of losing revenue and tax that is much needed and could be used to improve scholarship programmes and help to provide the state’s population with a better way of life, as is done in many other states across the United States using the money raised through gambling taxes.