Digitain’s Vahan Sahakyan explains the use of AI in its operations

Digitain’s Vahan Sahakyan explains the use of AI in its operations

Posted by: AffPapa

Digitain CRM Product Owner, Vahan Sahakyan, has explained how the company has been keeping busy with the development of AI in order to enhance its customer experience as well as its internal processes. He stated that the firm is now mainly focusing on CRM, customer insight and customisation.

Sahakyan said that through the use of customer insight, the company works on offering its partners a large variety of instant alerts that are based on AI algorithms. These are provided to identify the clients who are exhibiting risky behaviour when it comes to safe gambling. He also mentioned that the company cares deeply for responsible gambling and deems it an urgent issue, and thanks to the use of AI, the company is able to provide its partners with help in identifying these players.

The system is able to recognize all risky gambling behaviors, and report them to operators, and it is also able to see whether current players are at risk or not through historical data and can provide preventative measures that will help these players get rid of their risky habits.

Furthermore, the AI information has apparently been “trained” on about one year worth of data for more than a hundred thousand customers, through more than 4 million transactions, and is currently still being updated constantly in order to get better as time goes on. It also takes approximately one week to train the system on new operators.

Currently, Digitain is providing its partners with alerts, and they are the ones who choose what to do next and how to act upon that matter, since these are their own customers.

The company’s brand new CRM system also uses AI, since it helps their partners send a large variety of different offers and more information to customers even during live matches. An attractive part of the CRM platform is the recommendation engine, which provides better structured bets, promotions and even bonuses. 

Aside from that, the customization of products that are given to customers has been a topic that has been in the talks for a while at the company, says Sahakyan. Digitain is apparently now creating a new AI system that will give its partners the chance to personalize the display to customers, such as banners, promotions, sports etc…

In conclusion, the company is excited by how far they have come with the use of AI, and will keep on creating new products and solutions to help out their partners. The company is convinced that there are a lot of perfect chances where they can be useful to their partners, by generating more revenue and helping them save lots of costs and providing customers with a secure and good experience.

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