GambleAware launches new National Gambling Treatment Service campaign

GambleAware launches new National Gambling Treatment Service campaign

Posted by: AffPapa

The most recent phase of GambleAware’s campaign to promote awareness of the National Gambling Treatment Service has officially been launched. 

GambleAware is a British charity that aids people in their fight against problem gambling. Working alongside the NHS, the free-to-access National Gambling Treatment Service will be providing online, telephone, and face-to-face treatment for individuals and groups all throughout the United Kingdom.

The new campaign’s catchphrase will be: “Start to regain control” and focus on the all-consuming nature of gambling with the line “when you’re there, but not there”.

The campaign’s main objective is to help people who suffer from gambling problems connect with their family and friends again, as they usually tend to feel detached and isolated from these groups because of their issues. The campaign is also focused on promoting the simplicity of accessing and acquiring treatment.

Although GambleAware seeks to provide help for everyone, the latest campaign activity will mainly be geared towards high-risk gamblers who are between the ages of 22 and 55.

The campaign’s main focus will, later on, be men aged 25 to 34 identified in locations with the highest concentration of those in need of the Treatment Needs and Gap Analysis. These regions include London, the East Midlands and West Midlands. The content advertised will run across digital platforms, radio, and in the regional press all throughout the month of January.

Zoe Osmond, GambleAware communications and engagement director, stated:

 “The campaign will seek to build on the success of earlier promotional efforts. Previous campaign activity had helped increase awareness and the likeliness to contact the National Gambling Helpline from 13% to 23%.”

“So far, the campaign has proven to be successful in encouraging people to contact the National Gambling Treatment Service for support, but there is still more to be done. During the pandemic and this extremely difficult time for people, it is vital that we continue to ensure those in need of help understand what services are available to them.”

“This is why we are taking this targeted approach to help reach those high-risk areas across Great Britain.” Added Osmond.

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