New plans being made for player protection in Spain

New plans being made for player protection in Spain

Posted by: AffPapa

New plans being made for player protection in Spain. The Spanish Ministry for Consumer Affairs has made some plans for an increase in player protection and a general tightening of gambling regulations after many changes made in the previous year. 

This means the implementation of brand new advertising restrictions, as well as various alterations to the fees that licensees have to pay for regulation.

The main priorities for this year are prevention, action, and intervention, along with a programme that raises awareness and safeguards players. Legislation in support of such priorities is coming about with the Responsible Gaming Advisory Council. This will be made from a range of people that includes civil servants, academics, lawmakers, and gaming operators.

The initial restrictions for Spain were declared in January 2020. This introduction of controls on the advertising of gambling products is close to the ones we see in the tobacco industry. Adverts were firstly limited to strictly being shown on radio and television between 1 AM and 5 AM, while sports sponsorships with gambling operators were also asked to come to a close after the end of the 2020/2021 season.

Moreover, the focus will be on the merging of self-exclusion registers in order to produce a national one. Currently, each of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions possesses its own self-exclusion register. There is a different national register, but there are many calls for the creation of an integrated national register that players are automatically placed on when registering for self-exclusion in their specific areas.

Hopefully these alterations are able to cause an increase in player protection that will make it much safer for players to navigate in the Spanish market.

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