Spelinspektionen penalises ATG and Spooniker over deposit cap loophole

Spelinspektionen penalises ATG and Spooniker over deposit cap loophole

Posted by: AffPapa

Sweden’s Gambling Authority Spelinspektionen has fined horse racing company AB Trav och Galopp (ATG) and Kindred’s Spooniker for a deposit cap loophole on their online sites.

This past July, Spelinspektionen had announced their controversial new deposit caps that operators were entrusted to abide by, valued at SEK5,000 ($591/£439/€488) in an attempt to protect problem gamblers. This was also -allegedly- a reaction to the massive increase in the number of players gambling online as a result of the pandemic.

The Gambling Authority discovered that players at ATG and Spooniker could deposit more than the legal deposit limit of SEK5,000 per week. Actually, it has been reported that players were able to spend up to SEK50,000 in new deposits for a week. This directly violates the laws in place that specify that all operators must absolutely “ensure that the limit cannot be exceeded”.

Spelinspektionen commented on the situation stating: “The Spelinspektionen combines the injunction with a fine of SEK 1m (€97,200/$117,700/£87500) for each commenced week that the injunction is not complied with, calculated three weeks from the end of the week in which AB Trav och Galopp and Spooniker Ltd take part in the decision,”

ATG have been claiming that less than 100 players went over the deposit limit, deposited more money to later lower their limit again. ATG also said that they have measures in place that notify those showing signs of addiction or problem gambling, and will block players after repeated breaches.

AGT issued a statement saying: “To apply the provision in the way that Spelinspektionen has would be contrary to the principle of legality, ATG has implemented the provision in accordance with the wording and in accordance with the Government’s memorandum.”

Spelinspektionen also shared: “That fact that ATG has chosen to suspend a number of players who have bypassed the deposit limits in the manner described above do not change the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate’s assessment, but only reinforces the image that the way that ATG has chosen to manage the deposit limit does not fulfill its function,”

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