Captain Words – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Captain Words – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Captain Words – iGaming Voice by Yeva

AffPapa recently interviewed the co-founder and chief executive officer of Captain Words, Jonatan Parski, where he shared his insights about the content creation side of the iGaming industry, why it’s becoming more in demand and how it benefits various companies, especially iGaming affiliates.

Yeva: Could you kindly give us a brief rundown of Captain Words? What services do you provide and who are they intended for? 

Captain Words is a content services agency with a qualified, multilingual, globally-based team. Our team works hard to create the finest works of content to meet our clients’ needs. We strive to assign topic experts to each task, and have writers, editors, and translators that are native speakers of over 60 different languages and dialects.

Our services are designed for brands, affiliates, publishers, website owners, and various agencies in industries that include iGaming, finance, software, marketing, sports, and much more.

Yeva: Jonatan, what made you start a content services agency? What were the early challenges you faced?

A few years ago, I started creating and running many content websites. Eventually, I had several writers working for me. A few of my colleagues, who had their own content sites, asked if I could recommend any good writers, so I offered some of my own. Soon, I could see that there was a real demand for good writers, but at affordable prices. From this realization, Captain Words was born.

Since the founding of Captain Words in 2017, we’ve faced and overcome many challenges. However, in our early years, the biggest challenge was finding a way to train inexperienced writers in-house, growing their skills to an advanced level. The ultimate goal was being able to offer freelance prices while still delivering top-quality content.

One of the ways that we’ve approached this challenge is by hiring full-time writers and upskilling them through internal training courses.

Yeva: You have quite a variety of services to offer to your clients. What are the primary content services iGaming companies request most?

We primarily work with iGaming affiliates. They are looking for different types of reviews like those for casinos, slots, sportsbooks, and poker sites. Then there are guides on how to play different types of games, landing pages, and start pages for affiliate sites. These are the ones that cover all kinds of specific topics about and offers from various operators in different jurisdictions.

It’s a lot for our team to keep track of but we have made a few adjustments and our teams are consistently being trained on how to execute various types of content.

Yeva: Why do you think iGaming content is becoming more and more in demand? How does content benefit iGaming businesses?

Gaming is a very competitive industry. Operators are constantly trying to increase customer acquisitions while keeping costs down. Affiliates are always looking for ways to rank high in the search engines so they can push customers to the operators they represent.

Operators rely more on content for retention and rely on affiliates to bring in new players. For an affiliate to succeed they always need new content so they can be competitive. There are a few ways content is used for this purpose.

First you need a page that’s going to convert your readers. These are usually the ones with lists of operators. Then you need to have an internal link strategy with content to support the pages that convert. And lastly you need outreach articles for more links to your content.

Yeva: What makes Captain Words stand out from the competition? What edge do you have in the industry?

Most of our writers and editors have backgrounds in the iGaming industry. Many of them are also experts on other topics. To make sure that we only deliver the highest quality, we have hired a few key people who have vast knowledge and experience, particularly within iGaming, and they are helping out with training and spot-checking content to identify where more training is needed.

Captain Words also has an extensive training tool that we call the iGaming Academy. It’s an internal training tool that all our iGaming writers and editors have access to, and it outlines every possible type of content they may come across and explains how to write and edit for the industry. It also goes very deep into what is and isn’t allowed depending on different jurisdictions.

Yeva: What would you say are the crucial elements of quality content for a business?

I will assume that you specifically mean iGaming content here. Google has made it very clear that certain types of content is deemed YMYL (Your Money or Your Life), which means that you have to be very strict when it comes to the EAT (Expert, Authority, Trustworthy) “rule.”

Combine all of this and it’s clear that Google gives preference to content that is factually correct, is in longer format, and is written by an expert. So it’s a good thing for us that Captain Words can meet all these requirements. Additionally, we have several SEO specialists working for us, ensuring that our content isn’t just of the highest quality, but also optimized in accordance with all the latest SEO requirements.

Yeva: In what ways does the content for the iGaming industry differ from that of other industries in terms of its level of difficulty, its use of keywords, SEO optimization, and reader retention?

This is a very good question. I would say that iGaming is very difficult because of the varied and sometimes complex industry-specific terminology. It’s not particularly hard to produce high quality content in English, but we do this in a multitude of languages. Capturing the correct voice for each localization can be a real challenge at times – which is where our globally-based team of native speakers come into play.

As for keywords, the challenge for us here is to keep all of our texts unique. It feels like everybody wants to rank for the same words and have the same type of content. This is a serious challenge but we have some very creative people working for Captain Words and we are always trying to find new ways of repeating ourselves. It’s all part of the creative process and when you have a different tone and style, then you can keep your reader on the page longer.

Yeva: Tell us a little bit about the team behind Captain Words. What do you look for in potential employees?

To say our team is varied and extensive is a bit of an understatement. We always knew that we wanted to offer clients content created by native speakers and topical experts, and that’s what we focused on when we began building our team.

We have over 500 writers, editors, and translators, many of which are experts in their fields. More importantly, we work with native speakers in almost every language, ranging from Armenian to Zulu, and everything in between.

When we search for new team members, we specifically look for those individuals who meet those requirements. However, we also look for and appreciate drive, determination, loyalty, self-management, independence, and an entrepreneurial spirit in all those who join us. We want every member of our “crew” to feel part of our larger journey.

Yeva: To conclude, I’m sure our readers would like to learn more about you, Jonatan. What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy many simple pleasures in my life, but my biggest priority and greatest joy now is spending time with my family, particularly my little one. When time allows, I enjoy playing table tennis and watching basketball or European football.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I also have great respect for many others who’ve also made a success of their entrepreneurial journeys and look to them for inspiration. To that end, I often take the time to read the biographies of important movers and shakers that have made an impact on the world.

Company: Captain Words
Interviewee: Jonatan Parski
Date: 12.12.2022

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