Casino operators in Macau agree to hand out employee bonuses

Casino operators in Macau agree to hand out employee bonuses

Casino operators in Macau agree to hand out employee bonuses

Casino operators in Macau have been trying to figure out if employee bonuses would be handed out this year.

SJM Holdings was the one to start it this year when the company announced at the start of the month that it would be sticking to its long-term plan of giving additional cash to its employees, and now three more operators have added to that as well. 2020 was an extremely difficult and tragic year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Macau’s casino operators are doing their best to live up to the annual promises they had previously made to their employees.

SJM stated a few weeks ago that it would be paying out the “living subsidy” conforming to an employee’s occupation and salary within the company, with half of the payment supposedly to be made this month and the rest will be handed out in July.

MGM China was the second operator to join in, announcing yesterday that it was ready to provide a “discretionary bonus” to certain non-management personnel. Those who are eligible to receive the money, which amounts to about 90% of the workforce, can expect to start seeing the payments within the upcoming few weeks. MGM China will be providing one month’s salary to those employees, with plans to hand out the bonuses before and after the upcoming Chinese New Year, which takes place next month. There will be two installments distributed to all of the eligible workers, one before the New Year on February 12th and the other after that. However, the exact dates were not mentioned.

MGM China Executive Director and co-Chair Pansy Ho showed her appreciation for the employees who have helped the company overcome such a difficult and challenging year, stating: “We thank our team members from the bottom of our hearts for staying united, as well as being loyal [to] contribute their best to the company.”

Soon after news broke out of that announcement, Wynn Macau and Melco Resorts and Entertainment joined in. Wynn is apparently prepared to provide “one month’s gross salary” to the eligible employees, who reportedly make up around 98.5% of the company’s entire workforce.

On the other hand, Wynn is not ready to write checks for the full amount of the salary. Instead, it will be providing a bonus that incorporates 70% of the amount in cash and the other 30% in a “Wynn Care Macau Pass” card. The latter is related to the Macau Pass electronic payment system, which can be found all over the city and be used for making purchases of products and services.

Wynn said in its announcement: “This bonus is being awarded to show the company’s appreciation to all employees for their dedication and commitment during what has been a uniquely challenging 2020.” The announcement did not include any dates.

Likewise, Melco is giving one month’s additional salary to eligible employees as a bonus. The payments are expected to be made before the CNY, and Chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho said in the company’s announcement that the company “wanted to recognize the hard work, loyalty and dedication of our eligible non-management colleagues,” adding, “We appreciate our colleagues’ every contribution during this difficult time as we continue to stand as one to weather the challenges in the new year, with optimism and courage.”

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