GamCare searches for a new trustee to join the board

GamCare searches for a new trustee to join the board

GamCare searches for a new trustee to join the board

GamCare has begun searching for a new trustee to expand its reach ahead of major changes in legislation and amid a flood of financial penalties against British gambling companies.

For a perfect candidate GamCare is looking for someone with knowledge in public affairs and similar fields.

In addition, to being focused on expanding its scope and reach, GamCare also seeks to expand the board’s diversity in order to make the decision-making and governance better, with the wish to keep the momentum of 3 years of growth, after Anna Hemmings became the chief executive officer of the company.

“This is a great opportunity to become part of our company as we are trying to grow. With our innovative approach and impact, we have become popular globally. Since the gaming industry is expanding and currently more and more people have access to it, we need to be there for those people who are struggling with gambling.”

said in the statement from GamCare.

The GamCare looks for a trustee as stakeholders in the UK are waiting for the publication of Gambling Act review. In addition the search is taking place against the backdrop of a number of financial penalties imposed by the Gambling Commission on PLC operators working in the market.

The statement explained that the way the company utilizes knowledge, insight and experience to make changes at all levels which are important for them, and you are going to become part of their board aimed at achieving meaningful impact for everyone who suffers from the harm of gambling.

“Our standard for safer gambling is a simple independent certification scheme that assesses the safer gambling criteria which gambling businesses have put in place to safeguard players from experiencing gambling addiction and to make sure that wagering is safe for players. Recently we found out about the regulatory settlement Gambling Commission gave Entain.”

continued the organization with the statement.

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