How affiliate marketers can expand their platform on Twitch

How affiliate marketers can expand their platform on Twitch

How affiliate marketers can expand their platform on Twitch

Twitch is a live-streaming platform that allows gamers and content creators to build communities around their streaming. It has become a massively popular space for gamers to stream their content and earn revenue.

Twitch users watched a total of 3.1 billion hours’ worth of Twitch content in the first quarter of 2020 which is up 17% compared to Q4 2019.

Twitch allows e-sports fans and gamers to watch games live and in real-time all while having a genuine interaction with their most loved streamers. Many of the viewers even trust in product recommendations from their idols on Twitch. In conclusion, this presents a major opportunity to build brand awareness.

So how can affiliates benefit from the ever-growing popularity of Twitch?

One of the key points in being a Twitch streamer is to know how to engage with your audience. You need to show the viewers your fully authentic personality, in order to get them to feel like they can connect better with you. It is also important to figure out who your target audience is to get their attention by streaming on Twitch. One of the best ways to build engagement as a Twitch streamer is to arrange giveaways, competitions or games and events that involve the audience’s participation. Make sure to keep an eye out for the chat as well, and try to answer some questions or read some messages to keep your viewers satisfied. Twitch also automatically creates content you can use for YouTube. By using the export to YouTube feature, you can easily share highlights of the stream. Once the video content is migrated, your brand becomes more searchable across the web.

Moreover, it is necessary to deliver a consistent experience to your viewers, especially since they are your potential customers. For many iGaming products, there’s no single channel that can cover every step of it. You have a multitude of different channels where customers may find your brand. You don’t necessarily need proper commercial banners, Twitch commands, and conversion rate optimization (CRO), but there are a few good questions to ask yourself before proceeding:

  • How can I make sure that viewers hit the follow or subscribe button?
  • How can I turn my viewers into followers of my brand on social media?
  • How can I guide the viewers to consume the great content on my website?

Twitching is not a short-term play so it may take a while to generate revenue, therefore it is not a worrying event should you not get an immediate payback. Still, your branded search volume will increase right away. Google will notice branded searches and see that you’re a real brand and one in which people are interested.

Furthermore, you should consider collaborating with other streamers. This is an easy and guaranteed way to grow your brand and maybe even attract new customers. It gives added-value to the audience as long as both of the streams are unique and of high quality. The trick is to find the perfect streamer with whom to collaborate. And when setting up collaborations, make sure to take advantage of the multi-Twitching tools and chatbot commands available.

Additionally, you want to make sure to stream with a consistent schedule. Most viewers treat Twitch streams the same way people treat their favorite TV show and watch it at a certain time of the day. If you absolutely have to miss one of your regular streams, it’s important to let your community know that you will be absent in advance. Growing without committing to a streaming schedule is going to be a struggle. Managing the stream becomes easier for your whole team once your broadcasting times are clearly outlined.

Another great way to grow on Twitch is to reach out to brands who are hungry for the air time on Twitch. Subs, donations, and affiliate sign-ups during your streams are the most common ways to earn by Twitching. If you are willing to produce content that viewers would spend hours watching, then you can certainly be able to find iGaming brands who would be willing to give you a sponsorship. How do Twitch sponsorships work in practice? You’re playing games of a particular brand in exchange for a monetary reward based on monthly viewer hours. Sponsorships are great for making a steady revenue from Twitching since you can predict quite accurately how much they will be worth to you.

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