New Partnership Agreement between LVision and LSports

New Partnership Agreement between LVision and LSports

Posted by: AffPapa

Until 2023 sports data provider LSports will have exclusive distribution privileges over LVision’s sports solutions products. The cooperation will be extended to LVision’s upcoming products as well.

The Chief Executive Officer of LVision, Mr. Ido Lazar comments that

The partnership with LSports will help them focus on the creative part of their job without worrying about product distribution. They believe that LSports will succeed in that task.

LVision’s praised BetBooster, which gives betting tips generated by artificial intellect, is also included in the deal.

LSports managed to secure this agreement thanks to its coverage increase during 2020.

The recent exclusive partnership deal with the North American Disc League, which estimates 3mln USD, further enhanced the companies coverage.

The data partnership contract with the American Ultimate Disc League will not only give LSports exclusive statistics distribution privileges but also provide the company’s clients with more betting options.

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