Wolfpack Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Wolfpack Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Wolfpack Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

This week AffPapa had the opportunity to speak with the Affiliate Manager of Wolfpack Partners, Jovan Mirčevski, about the use of innovative technologies such as Bitcoin, among other strategies, to attract new players as well as ways to keep up with the trends of the rapidly changing iGaming industry.

Yeva: What distinguishes Wolfpack Partners from the competition in a market that is continually being added by new “industry players”?

The industry is definitely more crowded than ever, although that trend will continue and we will have more and more platforms, brands and competition. Certainly from my point of view, I see greater competition as a good thing and an additional motivation to prove ourselves and show that we can compete with everyone and strive to be the best in the industry. The things that set us apart from other competitors in the industry are certainly our unique brands, many providers and games, bonuses and promotions, VIP programs, payment solutions and so on. From my point of view, one of the most important things is probably the service that this amazing team of people provides to their players every day and I would definitely single out that as our greatest strength.

Yeva: Tell us about the 3 casino brands you promote. What features do they have, and what draws players to them?

Each of our brands is unique and specific in its own way. This is something we try to achieve in the development of each new brand and I believe it is one of the factors that attract players to come and stay at our casinos for a long time. On the other hand, we try to offer our players as a wide range of bonuses, games and tournaments as possible, we also offer a unique VIP program and try to ensure that they are never “bored” and that they can always find something new that is interesting to them. As one of the most important things, I would definitely single out our attitude towards the players and the care we provide them through all the Wolfpack Partners teams.

Yeva: How do you keep up with trends and innovation in a market that is constantly evolving?

We are constantly checking the industry trends and innovations and our player’s needs. We monitor all changes, try to anticipate them and adapt to them as soon as possible. We are introducing new features, we are working on improving the design to make the casino as attractive as possible, an example of this is our SlotWolf, the redesign of which we have seen a drastic increase in already very satisfying numbers, etc… As our players are the most important to us, the feedback we receive from them means a lot to us and we are trying to provide and implement everything that they need and that is in our power. In the upcoming year, you can really expect a lot of new things from Wolfpack Partners, starting from Q1. Stay tuned!

Yeva: Continuing from the last point, do you believe there is room for novelty in the iGaming industry? Will blockchain technology continue to have an influence, or do you believe it has reached its pinnacle in terms of bringing new experiences?

There is always room for improvement, both in our work and in the business of the entire industry. New types of games, promotions, features, practically in every field there is room for innovations and improvements. When it comes to Blockchain technology, I think it will definitely have an impact, sometimes to a lesser, sometimes with a greater impact, but I think it definitely will and I wouldn’t say that it has reached its maximum impact at this point. We will have to give more time to be able to make a conclusion on whether this is now the maximum or if there is room for an even greater impact.

Yeva: Can you tell us about the process of choosing affiliates to partner with? How do affiliates join Wolfpack Partners?

Wolfpack Partners and AffPapa unveil a new collaboration
Wolfpack Partners and AffPapa unveil a new collaboration

We are trying to give the chance to all affiliates that reach out to us and that we find, to start working with us. We are trying to offer the affiliates the most suitable brand for them, based on their traffic sources and best working GEOs and to agree on fair and beneficial deals for both sides. Throughout that first stage of starting cooperation, we are trying to build trust between us, which will be the base for future cooperation. Affiliates can easily find us on wolfpack.partners website, where they can find all relevant information about us and our brands and they can sign up. After that, one of the Affiliate Managers from our team, whom we will see as most suitable for that affiliate partner, will reach out to them in within 24 hours.

Yeva: What are the principles on which you rely for a successful partnership? How do you assist your affiliates in promoting your brands?

As mentioned the most important thing that we are looking to get and build with our partners is trust. If we have trust in each other in our partnerships, that can guarantee that we will make reliable and profitable deals for both sides. On the other hand, we are doing everything that is in our power to build that trust from our side by trying to be there for our partners whenever they need us, to be as responsive as possible, to give them a chance to get the exclusive offers only for them and to assist them with everything that they need from the technical side.

Yeva: What are your top GEOs right now? And are there any markets you intend to penetrate in the near future?

At this moment, we see that our brands are popular mostly among central and western Europe, the Pacific region and Canadian players and these markets are the ones on which we are focusing. Of course, depending on the license, specific design of our brands, promotions and conversions, we’re pushing each brand on markets that are most suitable for them. We will definitely try to ensure better brand positioning in Asia and Latam markets, so that will be one of our targets for 2023.

Yeva: Responsible gambling is a hot topic in our industry. Do you believe enough steps are being taken towards it? How does Wolfpack Partners promote responsible gambling?

It has always been and always will be one of the hottest topics in this industry. It can always be better and additional steps can be taken, but I believe that the whole industry is trying and working in that direction to be as responsible as possible in this field. We are trying to communicate all the information with the players, through our websites and direct communication with them and to make every necessary step to prevent more serious problems and offer help to all our players at all times.

Yeva: Jovan, I’m sure our readers would like to know more about you after such an insightful interview! What motivates you away from work? What do you do in your spare time?

Away from work, my family and friends motivate me the most. The positive energy and encouragement that I get from them are the biggest motivation that I transfer to my work. I like to travel and get to know new cultures, like the sport and to train and in this way, I try to recharge my batteries and be always ready for new challenges that I will face through the work that I love and which I plan to do in the future.

Company: Wolfpack Partners
Interviewee: Jovan Mirčevski
Date: 03.01.2023

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