makes major changes to the user interface makes major changes to the user interface

Added: makes major changes to the user interface is one of Finland’s most popular websites specializing in online casinos and gambling. The site, which has been in operation since 2016, has kept its brand and user interface almost intact throughout its history.

Now is the time for Bonusetu to renew. Significant changes have been made to the site in terms of brand, layout, and usability. The entire site has been recoded to meet today’s requirements, allowing users to be provided with an even faster user experience.

The layout has been clearly developed in a more modern direction, although the world of colors and images are still recognizable. The purple color scheme has been kept, and there was no desire to make the site completely unrecognizable.

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New improved user Interface

In terms of content, Bonustu stays in the old model, but changes have been made to the appearance of the content to make it easier to read and browse. With a larger font size, a larger line spacing reading content is more eye-friendly, especially on mobile devices.

“Overall, the implementation has been successful and will improve Bonusetu’s position in an ever-changing market area. Bonusetu has been faithfully serving gambling enthusiasts for several years, but now was the time to make more significant changes to the site. The renewed brand and the more accessible site are responding to demand of consumers appreciate ease of use.”

New more mobile-friendly site

Good mobile usability plays central role on comparison sites specialising in gambling. Well over half of users browse Bonusetu via smartphone or tablet. To meet this demand, Bonusetu’s background team has made significant improvements to the mobile version of the site.

The new mobile version scales to small screens of mobile devices better than before. Simplified menus keep the overall view tidy and casino listings have been brought out even clearer.

When you’re on mobile devices, moving from one page or tab to another always causes gray hair. In the casino listings of the redesigned Bonusetu, users can easily find all the necessary casino-specific information in one line, without necessarily the need to switch to the actual casino review.

The readability of Bonusetu is significantly better in the redesigned version, especially on mobile devices. The content has been structured more clearly and graphically than before, which makes reading on mobile devices more pleasant. automatically detects its user’s device and decides whether to display a customized version of the site for desktop or mobile versions.

Clearer overall look and listings

The readability of the site has also been improved by clarifying the content of listings. Bonustu presents dozens of different online casinos, which means that all casino-specific information must be displayed in a short and concise format.

Casino listings now include all the casino-specific information in each casino’s own line. At a quick glance, users can check the most relevant facts about casino bonuses, game selection, taxation of winnings.

From casino listings, users can go directly to the casino to play or read a more detailed review of the casino. The Bonusetu team makes each casino a comprehensive introduction that provides more detailed information than the listing.

The massive amount of content of the Bonusetu has been restructured with clearer menu structures. The main themes have been elevated to the top bar of the site into their own categories, and under these main menus you will find more detailed submenus.

For example, casino bonuses are available on a wide range of subpages, and all of these are easily accessible by the user via the main menu.

Direct access to casinos via one button

The main point of Bonusetu is to guide players to the best online casinos on the market. Bonusetu offers a wide range of information about gambling and different casino options, making it easy to compare different options.

An essential part of a successful user experience is the quick transition to the selected online casino. This can be done easily on Bonusetu via one button, without any extra adjustment. If the casino offers exclusive bonuses in cooperation with Bonusetu, the player will be directed to the correct promotion page.

In the future, Bonusetu will also enable deposits to be made using Trustly’s InBanner technology. This feature allows users to deposit money and go directly to the casino’s game selection without any intermediate steps.

Subscribing to the Bonusetu newsletter has also been made easier than before. From the right side of the site, players can enter their email addresses into the system with a couple of clicks, after which all the latest offers arrive directly in the email.

Small changes to the content

In terms of content, Bonusetu has remained almost unchanged, although a few things have been made to improve readability. The font size has been made bigger to make reading easier especially on mobile devices.

In addition, more graphics and various step-by-step instructions are embedded in the content. With these, the content can be squeezed into a smaller formatand, for example, the introduction of bonuses can be explained in an easy-to-read format.

Bonusetu will continue to provide honest and straightforward content. A clear picture of casino gambling is given and, for example, the terms and conditions of casino bonuses are made available to players in an easily understandable form.

Bonusetu publishes several weekly news articles on the latest developments in the gambling industry, introduces new casino games and compares different casino bonuses. 

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