EGT Interactive releases modern fruit slot 20 Golden Coins

EGT Interactive releases modern fruit slot 20 Golden Coins

EGT Interactive releases modern fruit slot 20 Golden Coins

EGT Interactive has announced the release of its interesting new title called 20 Golden Coins. This new title takes on a different and innovative approach to the traditional video slots, which really brings up the notion that many more online games will be more advanced from now on. 

This new game has been strategically designed to fit perfectly into all the needs of the players, as well as keeping up with trending topics and strategies in the sector. Merely a few of the advantages that come with this game are the high execution quality, captivating RTP and the smooth-running gameplay.

This is not your typical fruit-themed slot, it takes on a whole new approach to the traditional popular slot as it introduces an enchanting and modernized game that really fuses the classic feel of the fruit slot with cutting-edge graphics, a fun and exciting soundtrack and many features that will yield huge rewards. What we are left with in the end is a fresh, fun, one-of-a-kind vivacious new slot brining a classic vibe to a futuristic slot.

This new five-reel, 20-payline online slot provides players with a wonderful experience that differs greatly from your usual gameplay since it brings some fruitful wins as well. One of the new features, Bonus coins, is triggered when the coin symbols that have different values land on the reels and the collect symbol lands on the fifth. The player is then rewarded with the winning value from the coins that landed, which is sure to be a huge amount!

Aside from that, EGT was looking into making the game much more fun and thrilling for players. In the end, it decided to add a fun new feature called the mystery nudge. If one or more coin symbols land and there is no collect symbol on the reels and a winning combo, then this feature is presented. And once the fifth reel nudges, it will make its way down, exposing some new symbols, and maybe even some new big wins! It definitely brings a slightly more traditional feel to the slot.

In conclusion, this is an extremely exciting new release from EGT Interactive with an interesting spin on the traditional fruit slot. It is quite fashionable, with a sleek look and modern feel, but still provides the main essence of a traditional and classic slot that players love. EGT has definitely found the perfect in-between when it comes to blending modern and traditional slot concepts, and players will surely appreciate this new game!

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