GamCare announced the statistics of Women’s Program

GamCare announced the statistics of Women’s Program

GamCare announced the statistics of Women’s Program

The statistics of Women’s program training, which was organized by GamCare charity, showed that 85% of members now have a better understanding of the damage caused by gambling.

Another statistics by inFocus Consulting listed the work of the program during the 2nd year, as it conducted training for 918 organizations across the UK.

After taking part in the program, 85% of the experts boosted their knowledge, showing 60% growth in 1st year.

Thanks to the training 97% of specialists realized how the damage of gambling affects the women with whom they work. At the same time, 96% of specialists stated that they’ve become more confident leading struggling women to support services.

The Women’s program unites a team of leaders, who are experts in mental health, domestic violence, care, education, etc. This program tends to raise awareness and help specialists to realize the harm gambling has on women.

Gambling is the reason for many women having financial, relationship and mental health issues, explained GamCare. Around UK last year the amount of women who reached for help, had a 6% growth.

GamCare CEO Anna Hemmings said:

 “We are pleased to see GamCare’s services are available to more women, as well as the expansion of coverage of our specialists, which provides a better understanding of how iGaming addictions damage women.”

“The % of women reaching National Gambling Helpline has grown over the years.”

“We are aware of the fact that the reason many women hide the problems with gambling or the problems of someone they love is mostly shame. Our program works to lower the existence of certain stigmas that damage women who are vulnerable, we also try to help them understand and remove the obstacles they see during treatment.”

Hemmings added that in the future they will keep on working to raise awareness of the gambling problems and to expand the availability of support service for women.

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