Netherlands online gambling market expected to make it big

Netherlands online gambling market expected to make it big

Netherlands online gambling market expected to make it big

A white paper released by Online Casino Ground has stated that the newly-regulated Dutch online gambling market will become of the biggest markets in the continent. The paper also expects that sports betting will be the most in-demand market for gamblers in the country, except for lotteries. Online casino gaming will also be a smashing success after it will be legal in the Netherlands for the first time ever.

Legalisation of online gambling is set to take place in the country later this month, with new legislation coming into force allowing private offshore operators to apply for a licence for the first time.

Aside from that, Online Ground Casino’s research revealed that out of all the online casino games that will be provided, Roulette is the most popular among Dutch players at 32%, and then comes Blackjack at 31%, followed by slot games at 25% and bingo, Baccarat and online poker make up for the rest of the market at 12%.

Online Casino Ground stated: 

With the new Dutch legislation finally just a matter of weeks away we are excited to see the potential that lies ahead for incoming operators and other stakeholders. The data points towards a healthy start for the online market with players ready to embrace the new offering. There is no surprise that many major industry names have expressed an interest in entering the Dutch market. The legalisation of online gambling in the Netherlands comes at a time when the Dutch player is primed to welcome legal offerings, willing to spend more money than many of their European counterparts, and additional gambling options will entice a whole new audience.

Additionally, this new market is foretold to have a pretty high revenue potential, sing the average online gambling spend per capita is much higher than Germany, similar to France and only a little behind Spain.

Estimates unveiled that Dutch bettors spent about €182 a year on gambling activities in 2019. The number of active players also increased greatly in the last few years, going from 500,000 in 2015 to a massive 1.2 million in 2019. This rise coincided with a giant increase in gross gaming revenue from €296 million to €3.1 billion.

Furthermore, the white paper underlined the fact that unlicensed operators are quite prevalent in the Dutch gambling market. It is estimated that the gambling restrictions that are currently present in the country force over 50% of bettors to seek black market sites. It is hoped that the new rules and regulations that will be widening betting offerings and legalising online casino gaming will allow to Dutch players to choose licensed operators, which in turn will bring along quick market growth.

The UK is also currently discussing the abundance of black market operators within the British betting industry, and the PWC has recently argued that the illegal sector poses a huge threat to the industry and to customers.

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