SlotsCalendar – iGaming Voice by Yeva

SlotsCalendar – iGaming Voice by Yeva

SlotsCalendar – iGaming Voice by Yeva

In the latest installment of iGaming Voice, AffPapa talked to the CEO of SlotsCalendar, Viorel Stan, who shared his insights on running a successful business in iGaming, attracting players as well as the company’s achievements and upcoming plans.

Yeva: Tell us about SlotsCalendar and what it has to offer, to give our readers a better understanding of the idea behind the company.

SlotsCalendar started from the idea of becoming the IMDb of online slots. As we developed the product, we noticed that we needed to continuously add new functionalities to please our customers, which is what we did. Now, on SlotsCalendar you can find:

• + 20.000 Slots, with their play-for-fun mode, review, and offers
• + 1.500 Casino Brands reviewed
• +10.000 Bonuses for all categories of players
• Giveaways with appealing prizes for our loyal customers
• Social Tournaments where you can play for free your favorite slots and win amazing prizes
• Hundreds of relevant blog post articles
• Industry news and interviews

Yeva: What sets SlotsCalendar apart from its competitors? What are some aspects that would drive customers to your website instead of a competing one?

Currently, our biggest differentiator is the number of slots and offers added daily. We noticed an increase in the customers’ appetite for casino offers and we simply had to deliver. At this moment, we add on SlotsCalendar around 100 new bonuses daily, giving our customers a reason to get back on SlotsCalendar day by day.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many things behind the curtains helping us differentiate from competitors, such as eye-catching design, good UX, a robust platform that helps serve the website lightning-fast to customers across the globe, and many more functionalities.

The new functionality will be released in the following weeks on SlotsCalendar, allowing us to differentiate even more. With this release, SlotsCalendar will become a social casino. We will allow players from different GEOs to play their favorite slots for fun, compete with their friends, and win amazing prizes.

Yeva: Let’s talk about the process of reviewing different casinos and B2B providers. Who is it reviewed by and what factors are considered throughout the review process?

In theory, reviews are easy, but they are one of the most difficult in practice because you must make them easy to read, user-friendly, accurate, and SEO-friendly.

That’s why we have a well-documented review process that focuses on the most critical aspects of a casino. At the same time, we need to be sure that our colleagues in charge of reviews undergo extensive training before their first review goes live.

Regarding the review factors, here is a list of what we, SlotsCalendar, consider relevant for the users and mandatory to be included in each casino review:

• Security & Trust
• Responsible Gambling
• Payments
• Games offering
• Customer Service
• Bonuses & Promotions
• Overall website UI & UX
• Casino Platform

Yeva: Being the CEO of a well-established company includes a great deal of responsibility. What is the secret to running a successful affiliate business?

slotscalendar igaming reviews by affpapa
SlotsCalendar – iGaming Reviews by AffPapa

When I was a kid, my parents taught me that everything is possible as long as I’m willing to work hard in that direction. Many years later, I joined the management team of a young EveryMatrix, where “everything is possible” was the company motto. Years after, thanks to this mindset, I built GSH Online Media, and together with my colleagues and friends, we made it a successful company.

There is no hidden secret or unique approach. (almost) Everybody running an affiliate business knows what must be done, and if they don’t know, it’s on them because the information is free and available for everybody. You simply have to do your research.

The problem is that only a few are willing to make sacrifices to master it and be able to succeed. Even more problematic is the consistency. Once you manage to succeed, be aware it is just the beginning. Leave your guard down, and you might be the next to fall.

Yeva: Keeping your clientele is equally as crucial as attracting new ones. How do you plan your customer retention strategy?

During the current lifecycle of GSH, acquisition and retention are equally important. There are still multiple new customers to acquire and new GEOs to open while doing our best to keep the current customers happy.

That’s why most of the GSH department’s actions serve at least one of those requirements.

Allow me to exemplify this via some operational activities that we run daily and functionalities recently released:

• Constantly add around 100 new offers per day / new free slots-> give a reason to our existing customers to come back and incentives new customers to try our product.
• A new platform that serves the website lightning-fast to players across multiple GEOs -> creates a better experience for returning customers and decreases the bounce rate for new customers.
• Releasing SlotsCalendar Social Casino -> Will help us with acquisition and give our existing customers extra reasons to come back more often.

Yeva: As someone who’s been in the iGaming industry for over a decade now, how would you say the industry has evolved over time?

Long story short. It is entirely a different world. And that’s why many successful companies from the past don’t exist anymore nowadays. They could not evolve and transform at the same rate as the industry.

When I joined the industry, there were very few restrictions and regulations, while now, almost all the big markets are fully regulated, and tons of restrictions are in place.

From my point of view, this is the right way of doing it, keeping in mind that we work in a sensitive industry, and implementing responsible gambling should be our top priority.

Yeva: SlotsCalendar was a winner during the first AffPapa iGaming Awards, taking home the title of “Slots Review Affiliate of the Year.” How significant do you think such events and acknowledging your team’s efforts are in the industry?

announcing affpapa igaming awards 2023 malta
AffPapa hosts 2nd iGaming Awards in 2023

Taking a break from your master plan from time to time, so you can get your work acknowledged is extremely important for the entire team’s morale. An award is even more impressive if your product is good enough to win.

We need to remember that we are humans, and we need to feed all our needs to keep our happiness at high levels and operate at maximum capacity. Taking a break, socializing, and acknowledging your achievements is like “super food” for us.

Besides this, during those events, you can build a strong network which, if done right, should result in a win-win situation for all parties.

Regarding the title won by SlotsCalendar – “Slots Review Affiliate of the Year”, the entire team was thrilled when the results arrived. My colleagues are very hard-working, and hard work must be rewarded with great parties. That’s exactly what we did :).

Yeva: Aside from the above mentioned, what were some of SlotsCalendar’s highlights in 2022 worth mentioning? Any plans for the upcoming year you could share with us?

2022 was a good year for the SlotsCalendar team and the entire GSH company. We grew the staff by 5x, moved to a very cozy office, and reached almost 5 Million Sessions. We released numerous new functionalities, opened new markets, and, most importantly, made massive investments to secure our competitiveness.

Long story short, 2022 was a year of investments for us, where we planted many “seeds” for the greater good of the future GSH. Now, we are seeing the results of those investments, and most probably, in 2024, we will be able to “harvest” and prepare a new round of solid investments.

Yeva: What would you be doing today if you hadn’t entered the iGaming industry a couple of years back, Viorel? Any passions outside of work?

I had the opportunity of working in several industries before I started my iGaming adventure, such as banking, capital markets, manufacturing, and construction. I cannot name a specific sector where I would see myself working because they were all simultaneously beautiful and challenging.

In conclusion, as long as you are passionate about your work, the sector is irrelevant.

Regarding out-of-work passions, I enjoy outdoor activities, such as snowboarding or cycling, and I sometimes relax by cooking or driving. Besides this, I’m a man of a few hobbies outside of my current goals. When I make a plan, achieving that plan becomes my main hobby. I don’t see work as “work” thanks to this mindset. Extremely important for my mental health, I enjoy the ride toward achieving my goals. That’s why I don’t need so many breaks.

Company: SlotsCalendar
Interviewee: Viorel Stan
Date: 25.05.2023

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