SlotsCalendar – iGaming Reviews by AffPapa

SlotsCalendar – iGaming Reviews by AffPapa

SlotsCalendar – iGaming Reviews by AffPapa

The AffPapa Team has conducted a thorough review of the SlotsCalendar website, which is one of the best websites to check out in order to keep up with the latest slot releases. In this review, we show you how to use this site and display all of its handy tools.

What is SlotsCalendar?

SlotsCalendar was launched in 2018 in the United Kingdom and is an iGaming site aimed at displaying all the newest slot releases chronologically. It has a useful calendar on its page which showcases all the slots set to be released on each day, along with more in-depth reviews and detailed information on every separate slot and its provider. 

The site was mainly built on the same concept as IMDB, as it strives to gather all the information on slots and display it on one sole website. It is a hub for all slot-related content, even talking about the newest releases which would be hard to find elsewhere.

What tools does it provide?

As mentioned before, the site offers some great tools to help the user easily find what they have been looking for. One of the most prominent tools is the aforementioned calendar, which has listings of all the newest slots, day by day. The site also allows you to add any unreleased slot to your Google calendar in order to get reminded on its release date.

Aside from that, however, we can also take a look at the current top slots and their reviews, along with more details such as their ratings and reel setups. Many games also have a demo mode which all users can access and try out the game for themselves, completely free, in order to determine whether they like it or not. SlotsCalendar also offers impressive bonuses for many of the new launches which are definitely worth a try!

Why should I use SlotsCalendar?

In short, SlotsCalendar is one of the only websites that provide you with everything you need to know about slots, from reviews to demos to bonuses, it gives you everything from A to Z. It simply makes it easier to find new slots and check out their pros and cons through the helpful and transparent summaries and ratings provided by industry experts. Behind SlotsCalendar is an ambitious and young team that aims to be as real as it can get to ensure players have the ultimate slot experience.

⚠️ In conclusion, we can attest to the fact that SlotsCalendar is a great website to check out when you want to keep up with all the new releases. Its up-to-date listings and reviews can greatly help in having a better experience with slots and make the process of keeping tabs on new launches much simpler. If you are a slot enthusiast looking for a one-stop-shop, SlotsCalendar is the perfect site for you.

You can now also check out our YouTube review of SlotsCalendar down below! 🔥

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