YouTube Bans Gambling Ads on Masthead Slot

YouTube Bans Gambling Ads on Masthead Slot

YouTube Bans Gambling Ads on Masthead Slot

In YouTube’s latest update Google has officially declared a ban of gambling, alcohol or drugs related promotional ads on its ‘Masthead Slot’ platform

The decision has been made after the thorough in-house reviewing of YouTube’s policies and safeguards regarding adult content, and will take place immediately throughout the platform’s all operating markets, starting with Masthead Slot – the firm’s main ad placement domain.

During 2020, YouTube’s CEO Sundar Pichai had already received one warning from the US Congress for allegedly ‘sharing misinformation’ apropos of the COVID-19 pandemic and US election results.

These new standards, however, will have minimum consequences on operators that are licensed within the UK’s jurisdiction, as they have an agreement strictly to follow BGC’s reinforced ‘Sixth Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising’ restrictions, mainly stating that the age of the target audience for these advertisements be 25 and above.

Following last year’s BGC standards, according to the Advertising Standards Association, the safety and integrity within the UK gambling communities have notably ameliorated, in light of restricting gambling-related exposure to the underage sector.

YouTube’s adult content restrictions will carry out a filtering program, which will strictly demand an 18+ age verification for all gambling-related content.

Additionally, a complete reassessment will carry on across all already existing business relations and structures in the name of public safety and elimination of gambling threats, as stated by DCMS’s present review of 2005 Gambling Act.

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