AffPapa and IMLottery strike new partnership

AffPapa and IMLottery strike new partnership

AffPapa and IMLottery strike new partnership

AffPapa is excited to announce its new partnership with IMLottery, welcoming the operator to its extensive directory. is dedicated to providing a top-notch online lottery experience for its players. The Isle of Man licensed B2C gaming company offers a wide range of lotteries from all around the world, giving players the opportunity to win big from the comfort of their own homes.

Through this partnership, IMLottery will significantly expand its player base by collaborating with numerous affiliates registered on AffPapa. This collaboration will enable IMLottery to leverage its marketing efforts by gaining access to an extensive directory, media coverage, and various other resources, ultimately enhancing its overall reach and impact.

IMLottery, in their statement, emphasized their dedication to providing top-notch service to players and announced their intention to initiate partnerships with leading figures in the industry from the very beginning:

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with AffPapa, a platform that provides operators with a valuable tool for expanding their reach and growing their business.

We believe that our partnership with AffPapa is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our desire to provide the best possible experience for our players. By starting off with a strong partnership, we aim to enhance our players’ experiences, streamline the process and grow our business as well. We are excited to begin working with AffPapa and look forward to the many opportunities that this partnership will bring to and our valued players.”

Yeva Avagyan, Head of Commercials at AffPapa, commented on the brand-new partnership:

“At AffPapa, we are constantly thrilled to include new names in our directory, particularly those whose vision aligns with ours in delivering the best possible player experience. We are delighted to form a partnership with IMLottery and eagerly look forward to the numerous opportunities the operator will create with our registered affiliates.”

IMLottery primarily focuses on catering to players in Canada, India, and New Zealand. Affiliates interested in exploring potential opportunities with the operator can now establish direct contact to initiate further partnerships.

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