Top casino Affiliates: How to connect to best casino affiliates?

Top casino Affiliates: How to connect to best casino affiliates?

Top casino Affiliates: How to connect to best casino affiliates?

If you’ve been looking for ways to connect with the top casino affiliates, then you’ve landed in the right spot! 

This article will walk you through every step of the process, from understanding affiliate marketing and why it is important for your business to locating top casino affiliates and receiving valuable tips on creating connections with them.

What is affiliate marketing? What does it do?

In a nutshell, a casino affiliate advertises the goods and/or services of casino operators.

It is a type of performance-based marketing where a casino operator compensates the casino affiliate on a commission basis for every visitor or client generated by the affiliate’s personal marketing initiatives. This pay-as-you-go nature of affiliate marketing has enabled it to explode in popularity in the iGaming sector, becoming the go-to style of marketing in the industry. This, combined with the numerous other reasons why affiliate marketing is so popular in the iGaming sector, has also made it among the most sought-after skills in the industry.

Furthermore, iGaming affiliate marketing enables gambling companies to expand their businesses limitlessly, as affiliate marketing’s performance-based nature means that reaching wider audiences can sometimes be as simple as allocating a larger budget to marketing. However, this expansion can lead to problems in terms of affiliate communications and management, although they are easily solved with the help of affiliate management solutions.

Why is casino affiliate marketing important for my business?

Affiliate marketing has never been more relevant than it is now. We’ve already highlighted how affiliate marketing is one of the most important aspects of strengthening your business, here are some of the reasons why.  

Loyal customers – While affiliate marketing is excellent for reaching expansive audiences all across the globe, it also allows gambling operators to enhance their loyalty rates and establish a base of returning customers. This is done through offering special deals and bonuses to an operator’s players, which can turn many gambling enthusiasts into loyal customers who are familiar with the operator’s brand and even many of their offered experiences. These consumers tend to stick around for a longer period of time, providing you with a consistent audience! This lengthy relationship establishes mutual trust between you and your affiliate as well.How to connect to top casino affiliates

Targeted audience – You never want to market your product to a set of people who will never use it or won’t be interested in it. You will undoubtedly obtain a more focused audience from casino affiliates who are familiar with and interested in your offer and will indeed have an audience to sell your goods to.

Time-saving – One of the fundamental reasons to deal with casino affiliates is that it allows you and your team to focus on more vital things while leaving the task to specialists, saving you a lot of time and avoiding trial and error.

Larger audience – If you have a product that can be used globally, international casino affiliate marketing professionals can present your product to their foreign client base. Most iGaming affiliates offer traffic from all across the globe, making affiliate marketing quite suitable for international gambling websites. Moreover, due to affiliate marketing’s performance-based nature and pay-as-you-go payment structure, growing audiences is much easier for iGaming operators in both current and new markets across the globe. This is because affiliates will seek to deliver the best performance they can to earn their commissions, with payment models like revenue share further enhancing this effect.

Minimal risk – Of course, if you delegate the work to a professional, you are likely to incur less loss in terms of your employed resources. Affiliate marketing’s relatively risk-free nature also applies to its performance-based payment structure, through which affiliates get paid proportionally to the volume and quality of traffic they are able to generate. This allows iGaming operators to initiate a marketing campaign without having to dedicate a sizable upfront investment to it and means that when utilizing affiliate marketing, it is quite rare for a marketing campaign to cost more than what it was able to generate for the gambling firm. A commission model such as revenue share can even further reduce this risk.

Better expertise – Working with an expert ensures that your resources are spent most efficiently and effectively. As iGaming affiliates spend a lot of time marketing to gambling enthusiasts, they are able to optimize their marketing efforts and strategies to drive a sizable amount of high-quality traffic. Moreover, some of the industry’s best iGaming affiliates have been on the market for quite a while, which is another factor contributing to their knowledge bases, helping them achieve better results than what a gambling firm could achieve on its own.

Low costs – As a casino operator, you won’t have to invest a lot of money to test out new ideas. As mentioned earlier, you will have to pay your affiliate partners proportionately to the amount and quality of traffic they provide you with, meaning that you will pretty much never have to worry about paying your partners more money than what they made for you. This makes starting out with affiliate marketing quite easy for upstart operators, as it requires no large upfront investment.

Access to niche markets Through affiliate marketing, operators can focus on particular, niche markets within the industry. By attracting players who have similar interests or preferences, affiliates with specialized knowledge might help operators reach these audiences more efficiently than they could with traditional marketing. In these narrow sectors, a more focused strategy can end up in greater player loyalty and conversion rates.

Minimal effort – One of casino affiliate marketing’s most prominent upsides is how little effort it requires from the operator for its marketing campaign to succeed. As iGaming affiliate marketing involves the outsourcing of most of the gambling firm’s promotional efforts, it allows operators to focus their resources on providing players with standout experiences, while they will only have to create marketing materials and manage their affiliates to acquire new players. Multi-brand operators can further enhance their management efforts by utilizing iGaming affiliate programs, which will allow them to track and communicate with their affiliates through one unified platform for all of their brands.

The few downsides of affiliate marketing

While affiliate marketing is an excellent form of marketing for online gambling businesses, it has a few disadvantages. Fortunately, these can be overcome quite easily to fully take advantage of the benefits of working with the best casino affiliates.

Affiliate management

One of the biggest hurdles with casino affiliate marketing can be the tedious process of managing many iGaming affiliate partners. However, this is only an issue for larger operators that work with dozens, or even hundreds of affiliates, which further simplifies its solution and diminishes its overall impact.

Through the use of iGaming affiliate management services, operators can work with hundreds, or even thousands of partners effortlessly. These offerings can allow operators to scale their affiliate networks effectively infinitely, and they can do so while retaining all of affiliate marketing’s positive aspects. Check out our guide about casino affiliate management to learn more.

Affiliate fraud

Another downside of casino affiliate marketing is its susceptibility to fraud. Due to its nature, it can sometimes be tempting for subpar affiliates to make use of fraudulent tactics to artificially inflate their performance statistics to temporarily enhance their payouts. However, just like our previous point of discussion, the challenges of iGaming affiliate fraud can be easily overcome. Some of the best ways to avoid iGaming affiliate fraud are to utilize high-quality affiliate tracking systems and to partner only with top casino affiliates that have proven their trustworthiness.

What are Affiliate Networks?

Now that we’ve covered the principles of affiliate marketing and why it’s important, let’s take a look at one of the strategies for connecting and engaging operators to top casino affiliates – Affiliate Networks.

An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between your company and the casino affiliate. It’s the meeting point that helps you connect to countless affiliates and vice versa. 

How to connect to top casino affiliates
LivePartners, a Multibrand affiliate program

A casino affiliate network conducts the vast majority of all marketing operations on behalf of the iGaming operator. They will take input from their operator clients in the form of marketing materials and various key details of any promotional campaigns the operator may want to run and supply interested affiliates with all of it. Following this, the casino affiliate network takes payment from the operator for the marketing services they receive and distributes it among the affiliates that supplied the traffic proportionally to their performance, taking a small portion in the process for its own services.

Affiliate networks provide operators with a similar set of offerings to affiliate management services, helping gambling firms offload a larger portion of their marketing efforts and focus more of their resources on providing players with the experiences they seek. Both play the role of an intermediary between operators and affiliates, providing the latter group with marketing materials of the former to advertise and drive traffic to gambling websites. The majority of these networks and services also assist their operator clients in the expansion of their affiliate networks, with higher-quality affiliate management services, such as the one offered by AffPapa, featuring up to 55 daily affiliate reach-outs.

Affiliate networks can greatly streamline the affiliate marketing efforts of operators, helping them avoid the tedious task of managing relationships with affiliates, finding new marketing partners, negotiating custom deals, among many others. Typically, affiliate networks are supported by numerous well-known businesses, making it easier for you to discover and become acquainted with them.

Affiliate networks vs multibrand affiliate programs

Affiliate Networks and Multibrand affiliate programs should not be confused. The main distinction is that in a Multibrand affiliate program, the brands’ owners are the same. An example of a Multibrand affiliate program is LivePartners (displayed on the side).

Multibrand affiliate programs, as the name suggests, are used by larger companies that offer a wide variety of gambling services to different audiences through dedicated websites and brands. While launching an affiliate program will help operators streamline their communications with their affiliate partners, it will not be able to offload the same amount of effort as an affiliate management service or affiliate network.

Some affiliate networks provide bonuses and awards, so the more you sell, the higher your commission rates may be. There is exposure to reporting and analysis tools, allowing you to monitor your performance. Affiliates and operators can readily access information on one another and become acquainted with the requirements and features of the opposing party.

Top casino affiliates

Alright, you’re now sufficiently informed, and to make your job easier we have hand-picked some of the top casino affiliates who are currently willing to cooperate. Take a look at them below!

Products : Casino, Live Casino, Lottery
GEOs: UK, Romania, Germany, USA, Canada
Deals : Hybrid, CPA, RevShare, Exposure Fee
Products : Sportsbook, Casino, Betting Exchange
GEOs: United Kingdom, Canada, India, Kenya
Deals : Rev Share, PPC, SPA, Hybrid
Products : Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino
GEOs: Italy, Spain, Germany, France, other
Deals : Rev Share
Products : Sports
GEOs: Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany
Deals : CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid
Products : Sports, Casino, Bingo, Esports, Poker - P2P
Deals : CPA, Rev Share
Products : Lottery, Casino 
GEOs: United Kingdom, United State, Ireland 
Deals : CPA, Rev Share
Products : Casino, LiveCasino
GEOs: Canada, Finland, United Kingdom
Deals : Casino Reviews
Products : Sports, Casino, Esports, LiveCasino, VirtualSports
GEOs: Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK
Deals : CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid
Products : Casino, Live Casino, Bingo
GEOs: United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Other
Deals : Rev Share, CPA, Hybrid
Products : Casino, Live Casino, Lottery, Sportsbook
GEOs: United States, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, other
Deals : Rev Share, CPA, Hybrid, Fix
Gamble Critic
Products : Casino, Live Casino, Sportsbook
Deals : Rev Share, CPA, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Better Collective
Products : Sports, Esports
GEOs: Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America
Deals : CPA, PPC, Rev Share, Hybrid, Fixed Fee, Other
Products : Licensed Casino
Deals : Revshare
WOW Bonuses Affiliates
Products : Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino
Deals : Hybrid, CPA, RevShare, Fixed Fee
Products : Casinos, Sportsbooks, Poker Sites
GEOs: USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, UK, India
Deals : Revenue Share, Hybrid
Products : Casino, Sportsbook
Deals : CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Casino Sites Online
Products : Casinos
Deals : Hybrid, CPA & Revenue Share
Products : Sports, Casino, LiveCasino
GEOs: Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, United Kingdom
Deals : CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Products : Sportsbook, Casino, Poker, Live Casino, Horsebook
GEOs: Canada, Germany, Finland
Deals : Hybrid
Products : Sports, Casino, Bingo, LiveCasino
GEOs: Sweden
Deals : CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Products : Sports, Casino, Bingo, LiveCasino
GEOs: Austria, Germany
Deals : CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Products : Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, Lottery, other
GEOs: Worldwide
Deals : RevShare
Products : Casino
GEOs: Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Colombia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic
Deals : CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Products : Sports, Casino, Esports, Poker - P2P
GEOs: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid
Deals : United Kingdom, United States
How to connect to top casino affiliates
AffPapa Directory – Operators

We’ve saved the best for last! Now that you’ve met some of the best casino affiliates, it’s time to get acquainted with our solutions.

AffPapa is the ultimate directory, allowing operators to identify their ideal matches based on preferred GEOs, product types, commission models, monthly visitors, and other factors.

We draw both parties to each other for one-on-one collaboration, offering powerful tools and filters to help you find the best affiliates and the best operators quickly.

What sets AffPapa apart from Affiliate Networks? 

AffPapa is a directory that connects and aids affiliates and operators engage outside of its platform. Affiliates do not receive a commission on our website. They need to enroll in the Operator’s affiliate program in order to get the necessary resources. So, when you join AffPapa as an Operator, you are immediately added to the list of operators, where affiliates can contact you and vice versa.

We, in essence, do not charge any additional costs for linking operators to affiliates or facilitating further interactions between them. In contrast to Affiliate Networks, operators that join AffPapa gain direct access to affiliates with extensive information about them. When we say that AffPapa is one-of-a-kind, we mean it.

Advice from our experts 

To maintain a positive connection with your casino affiliates, there are some things you should avoid or, conversely, do. So… we’ve compiled a list of must-knows to guide you through the process.

  • First and foremost, you must ensure that you are genuine with the affiliate you are collaborating with. Make sure you’re playing by the rules when it comes to commission structure since affiliates will notice if you’re not.
  • Examine your alternatives and select a casino affiliate with clients who are a good fit for your offerings, such as GEOs, products, deals, etc.
  • Before joining an Affiliate Network, consider the number of affiliates and operators who have already registered with it. Do you see any well-known brands? Are they reliable? Does the Network meet your requirements?
  • Communication is KEY! So make sure you are actively communicating your needs and expectations, as well as responding to any questions that the affiliates may have.
  • Keep track of your affiliates! You want to make sure that they are as dependable as you are in their situation. To prevent errors, it’s a good idea to monitor their performance on a regular basis without being too intrusive.

Typically, some operators will not register on any networks since they can easily locate affiliates or vice versa on the internet. Still, as demonstrated above, there are various benefits to working with intermediary platforms to connect to top casino affiliates. Affiliate marketing is becoming a fundamental component of many promotional campaigns, owing to the high return on investment that other tactics cannot provide. As the industry expands, the benefits of affiliate marketing become increasingly evident to small and medium businesses, and we can predict seeing more firms using the strategy in the future.

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