Gambling Traffic: Where Can I Get Gambling Traffic From?

Gambling Traffic: Where Can I Get Gambling Traffic From?

Gambling Traffic: Where Can I Get Gambling Traffic From?

Gambling traffic is essential for the success of an iGaming operator, but where can you get gambling traffic from for your business?

Gambling traffic is not the easiest traffic to come across, which is due to a number of reasons such as the competitiveness of the industry, as well as the legality or illegality of it depending on what country and GEOs one is aiming for. It is also difficult to display gambling advertisements as a lot of companies and sites prefer not to have such adverts displayed.

On the other hand, the gambling industry can be quite a rewarding one. If one finds a good way to drive gambling traffic to their business and is able to build a loyal audience of players with high-quality gambling offerings, the financial rewards can be huge.

The main point to look out for in gambling traffic is that getting a large number of viewers or guest visits is not nearly enough to achieve success in the industry, it’s the retention of these visitors that matters. What’s the point of getting thousands of viewers if none of them are interested in coming back, possibility impacting your business negatively in the future by greatly increasing the bounce rate of your website? What this means is that it is crucial to find and distinguish the good from the bad when it comes to gambling traffic.

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Tips for finding good traffic:

  1. Find out what the players’ interests are. If you are looking to pull people in and have them engage with your products or content, you want to know what they like and what draws their attention.
    In order to do this, it is also necessary to figure out what your target demographic is. Evidently, different gender and age groups will be interested in different topics. For example, if your target demographic is males in their 20s and 30s, then most likely their interests may surround different sports and cars, maybe even movies or tv series as well. Identifying their main interests will help in knowing how to draw them in and make them engage with your site.
  2. Target the right audience. In this case, it is of utmost importance to provide the potential clients with a good and safe gambling environment. Provide them with immersive and fun games, high jackpots and rewards, bonuses, cutting-edge graphics, etc… This is what most active gamblers are looking for at the moment.

So, how do I acquire this traffic?

This generally may seem like a daunting task, however it is actually not as difficult as it seems if you know where to look. Let’s take a look at the best methods to obtain traffic:

Social media

The first place to be looking is social media platforms. All of these networks have hundreds of millions of users, and there will surely be some who will come across your site and want to give it a shot. This is where your target demographic comes into play, as you need to know who to direct your social media posts towards and how to make them appealing to this specific audience. Many also decide to opt for the help of influencers or people on social media with large followings to promote their brand, and this has proven to be extremely effective. The influencer gets their commission, and you get the traffic!

Buying traffic

This is possibly the most common way to get traffic to a site. It is important to make sure that you are buying targeted high-quality website traffic, in order to get the best value for your money. This has great potential to improve traffic flow to your site, but make sure you stay away from possible scammers. Buying traffic will immediately bring along a flow of traffic to your site, and you are able to decide the volume at which you want it to be, therefore it can give you near-perfect results.

  1. CPA traffic
    Cost Per Action is a great way to get traffic, since you will be paying after the sale takes place instead of paying beforehand with no guarantees if it will work or not.The main action is decided upon, and the networks then start promoting it through their affiliates and get paid once a visitor buys the product or completes the main action. This method can be executed through a number of ways, most commonly through CPA and affiliate networks. There are endless partners to choose from, such as the likes of SlotsCalendar, HasTraffic and Affiliates Media who all provide CPA traffic to gambling operators across the world.
  2. Affiliate Traffic
    Affiliate marketing is used in lots of ways, and can be greatly beneficial since you can find exactly what you are looking for. Affiliate marketing is a great cost-effective method since there will be no need to spend so much money on random advertisements.A great example of where to find traffic from affiliates is AffPapa. AffPapa is an iGaming directory aimed at connecting gambling operators to affiliates and finding the most suitable ones for each specific case. This will take away the hassle of scouring the internet for the perfect match, since AffPapa has filters that help any operator find the perfect affiliate to team up with. Gambling operators are able to filter based on GEOs, product types and more… They can also strike deals without any intervention. Operators can list their offers and have affiliates check them out as well.

Below are some of our affiliates and traffic providers who are always ready to work with decent and trustworthy operators.

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GEOs: UK, Romania, Germany, USA, Canada
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Gamblers Connect
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GEOs: United States, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, other
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Deals : Austria, British Indian Ocean Territory, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, etc
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Get Ready Online Casinos
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Smart Betting Guide
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Casino Guru
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Gamble Critic
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Products : Licensed Casino
Deals : Revshare
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GEOs: Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, United States
Deals : Rev Share, Other

In short, finding good traffic for a gambling site may not be as hard as it seems. There are many sites and directories that help with the acquainting of operators and affiliates. It has become easier than ever to find a perfect match, and now that can be done with just a few clicks on AffPapa. It is one of the best channels to use to find exactly what you need, so join now and find your path to success!

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