Where to get sportsbook traffic from?

Where to get sportsbook traffic from?

Where to get sportsbook traffic from?

The sports betting industry has seen a significant rise in popularity over the past couple of years, making owning a sportsbook website with decent traffic quite a desirable business.

But in order to REALLY succeed as a sportsbook provider, your number 1 focus should be on driving sportsbook traffic to your website and engaging your players.

Easier said than done…But worry not! We’ve got you covered.

This article will give you a detailed overview of everything you need to know about sportsbook traffic.

First things first, boosting your sportsbook traffic starts with choosing a way to advertise your offerings. This can be done through a wide variety of means, such as through buying relevant traffic from dedicated providers or through the use of affiliate marketing. While each marketing method has its upsides and downsides, the most common method of acquiring sportsbook traffic is through sports betting affiliates.

iGaming affiliate marketing is by far the most popular form of marketing in the gambling and betting industry thanks to the numerous benefits it offers to operators. This includes everything like a low cost of entry, periodic payments proportional to the operator’s earnings, and endless opportunities to grow with a wider affiliate network with the help of affiliate management solutions.

While affiliate marketing does have a few downsides, such as its susceptibility to affiliate fraud, its cons have simple solutions and are easy to take care of. Because of this, we will be predominantly covering affiliate marketing in this article, helping you learn about the various types of sportsbook affiliates and their quirks and features. Let’s now dive into our main topic, starting with a discussion on what are sportsbook affiliates.

What are sportsbook affiliates?

Sportsbook affiliates, as the name implies, are affiliate companies that either focus exclusively on the sports betting side of the industry or offer sportsbook traffic alongside other gambling traffic. These companies work just like any other affiliate firm in the gambling industry, as they often utilize very similar techniques for attracting bettors, such as reviews and comparisons. One place betting affiliates differ from their casino counterparts is in the variety of content they can offer to their audiences. Betting affiliates can offer not only operator reviews and comparisons, but also betting guides, odds comparisons, and reviews of various wagering types.

Working with sportsbook affiliates is an excellent way of driving betting traffic to a sports wagering business. However, choosing which sports betting affiliate to work with can be a challenge, as there are many different types of affiliates out there. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

The different types of sportsbook affiliates

There are many different types of sportsbook affiliates on the market, four of the most common of which we will be taking a look at in this article. The main types of sportsbook affiliates are the following:

  • Tips Websites
  • Valuebets Websites
  • Surebets Websites
  • Sportsbook Review/Comparison Websites
  • Other

Now, let’s go ahead and examine each type of those affiliates, to find out the best option for our operators!

Tips Websites

What are Tips Websites? Basically, these are websites where players can find tips to different matches, get insight on what to place a bet on, etc. Meaning that a group of experienced tipsters are combining analytical data + thorough knowledge of the sport and the sports betting industry to bring the users of the site the most useful tips and the most practical information on an abundance of betting angles.

Furthermore, these websites give their readers insights on the best bookmakers to wager at, as they often compare the offerings of various operators and recommend the best odds and deals to their users. Websites offering betting tips often compare the bonuses of various popular operators as well, giving their readers in-depth knowledge to take advantage of the best bonus offers available on the market.

One thing to look out for when assessing the offerings of prospecting sports betting affiliates is the types of betting they cover. The wagering industry provides betting enthusiasts with a wide variety of ways to enjoy the pastime, with some cutting-edge options, like micro betting, eSports wagering, and fantasy sports betting, providing users with enhanced experiences. Operators that offer these types of wagering opportunities will need to ensure that their prospecting partners will be able to effectively advertise their unique offerings. This is particularly important for companies offering wagering on various eSports tournaments and games, as betting affiliates will need to provide tips, reviews, and other similar content relating to the niche. Moreover, sportsbook operators offering eSports betting may also benefit from working with sports betting affiliates that have a sizable social media presence, as many of the niche’s enthusiasts are younger adults.

As a sportsbook operator, advertising on various tips or any other type of sports betting advice websites will not only help you engage your users but also boost your business’s customer loyalty. Players of tips affiliates are generally more likely to choose a bookie suggested by the tipster, as there is an established sense of trust between the tip expert and the tips users, especially after a series of accurate predictions.

One of the most popular tips websites, perhaps, is Betting.com, which provides its users with free daily sports betting tips, including tips by sport or by league, as well as Free Bets, Sports Predictions, Bonuses and News from the sports industry.

Valuebets Websites

What does Value Betting mean, and what are Valuebets Websites? Value Betting is the action of identifying an edge compared to a bookie on a specific exchange. This means that if a bet’s set price is less than it should be, there’s value.

Valuebets websites scan and display to their users some events/odds that are more accurate in probability than the actual odds. This means that with odds provided by valuebets websites, sports fans can get more of a chance to win with more accurate betting information.

Similar to surebets provider websites, users of valuebets websites (and websites that carry the valuebets tool) are usually loyal to such websites, especially those users who have been around for a while. Additionally, providing valuebets offerings involves the use of high-quality betting data sourced from the industry’s best data suppliers, which means that these websites will generally do everything to maximize their output by providing their users with a standout set of experiences. This, in turn, helps businesses acquiring sportsbook traffic from valuebets affiliates get higher-quality sports betting traffic to expand their businesses at pace.

So, naturally, cooperating with a valuebet affiliate website and receiving sportsbook traffic from them is surely going to be a power move in establishing a long-term sense of loyalty, engagement and advancement with your users. However, you should research thoroughly everything about value betting before dipping your toe into the valuebets business, since value bets are not easy to identify.

An example of a website that provides valuebets is BetOnValue.com, where users can find Odds, as well as tools for Accounting, Surebets and Valuebets.

Surebets Websites

“What are surebets?”, you may ask. Or maybe you didn’t. In either case, we’ll still provide you with the definition.

Surebets (a.k.a. arbs) could be defined as the calculated situation where the bettor wins margins from all the opposite outcomes of the game from different bookies, no matter what the outcome is.

This gives the bettor the opportunity to win a small stake despite the outcome of the game, utilizing information from a few different bookmakers.

On websites like surebets, find events and odds of different bookmakers for the same game, and place their bets in different bookmakers according to the learned information, eventually winning a small margin, no matter the outcome of the game!

Surebets Websites are usually subscription based, which means the percentage of returning players is exceptionally high. This is explained by the simple fact that customers of these websites are always checking for surebets, since they have already paid for the service. Hence, they are always highly engaged in all the new offers.

One of the few downsides of working with affiliates offering content with a subscription-based model is that they will not be able to provide the same level of player base growth that affiliates offering free content can. However, what these types of sportsbook affiliates can offer instead is top-notch loyalty and low churn rates, which can lead to enhanced yields for sports betting operators. To take advantage of this, bookmakers will need to provide their players with standout loyalty programs and custom-tailored bonuses, as the audiences of Surebets websites are typically expert bettors who are looking for the best possible offers.

However, sports betting affiliates that cater to expert bettors have another downside, which is that their players are likely to have playing accounts with a wide variety of other bookmakers. These enthusiasts do this to take advantage of the best odds and deals at any time, which means it might be harder for an upstart sports betting business to compete with more established ones if expert bettors make up a large portion of their player base.

You can find surebets in the tools section of the SureBets.bet website, and start making money after completing your subscription.

Sportsbook Review/Comparison Websites

So, I’m sure you’ve heard about Casino Review/Comparison Websites. Now, the same category exists for sport betting as well, and the premise of Sportsbook Review/Comparison Websites is identical – these websites write thoroughly analyzed reviews and comparisons of different sportsbook operators’ websites, providing their users with all the useful information they need in order to make a decision about that specific sportsbook operator.

An important nuance to pay attention to, is the fact that these websites make up the biggest part of sportsbook affiliate websites, most of which are hybrid affiliates, by nature – meaning they review different gambling products, and not just sportsbooks. Comparison and review websites are the most popular among players because of the quality and breadth of content they offer, which includes many important figures of casino and sportsbook operators, such as the size of their content catalogs and the quality of their bonus offers.

The premise is simple and speaks for itself – these websites provide reviews/comparisons between different sportsbooks in great detail, offering crucial information about each sportsbook for their readers. Just like casino comparison and review websites, these affiliates often offer their readers reviews and comparisons of sportsbooks and wagers based on type as well, which usually includes traditional, live, and micro wagering. Comparison websites are excellent for driving betting traffic to bookmakers that offer a wide variety of wagering options, as readers will be able to easily search and find companies with expansive catalogs of experiences if they are eager to try a new form of their favorite pastime.

So, if you’re lucky enough to get a clean and impressive review about your website, or win in a comparison on a sportsbook review/comparison website, you’ll be blessed with a boosted sportsbook traffic to your site, especially if the review/comparison is placed on the Bookmaker-Ratings.com – A classical Sportsbook Review Website.

Another example of a sportsbook comparison website is Win.expert, where visitors can access reviews about the best sportsbooks, betting sites, bonuses, odds, picks, interesting betting tools, and more.


Aside from the aforementioned sportsbook affiliate websites, there are some affiliates that drive sportsbook traffic via Social Media platforms, such as Telegram or WhatsApp channels, by sharing sports betting advice, tips, picks with their audience, or sharing valuebets they think are going to happen.

Many sports wagering affiliates position their brands as predominantly sports media firms, providing their players with in-depth sports content, such as news, interviews, and other pieces of original media. These types of companies offer sports betting traffic to operators through advertising betting opportunities alongside the aforementioned other types of content, which helps them achieve broader audiences of sports fans around the world.

Moreover, many of these types of sports betting affiliates may often focus on one or a few popular sports, providing their readers with a higher-quality set of content. While this will somewhat limit the reach of such sports wagering affiliates, it can also allow them to boost their engagement and loyalty rates. Bookmakers can take advantage of this by partnering with sportsbook affiliates that focus on sports that are either popular with their player bases or are more profitable.

There is no specific category for these affiliates, as in the era of digital expansion, each sportsbook traffic provider creates their own online space with their own set of rules. You could even find sportsbook affiliates in Facebook groups, or wherever you spend most of your time online.

Wherever you choose to find sportsbook affiliates to partner up with, is left for you to decide.

While the above-named websites are more traditional, you could also rely on social media / email sportsbook affiliates by, for example, buying promotions for your sportsbook on these channels.

Now, having discussed the main types of sportsbook affiliate websites, below you will find a list of AffPapa-verified sportsbook affiliates you can look through and start partnerships with!

Products: Sports, Espors, Poker
GEO: Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Kenya, Malta, New Zealand, Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States
Deals: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Products: Sports, Espors
GEO: Australia, Cameroon, Canada, India, New Zealand
Deals: Rev Share, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Products: Sports
GEO: Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany
Deals: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid
Products: Sportsbook, Casino
GEO: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid
Deals: Austria, British Indian Ocean Territory, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, etc
Products: Sports, Casino, Esports ,LiveCasino, VirtualSports
GEO: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid
Deals: Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Products: Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino
GEO: Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Other
Deals: Rev Share
Products: Sports, Casino, LiveCasino
GEO: Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, United States
Deals: Rev Share, Other
Products: Sports
GEO: Sweden
Deals: Odds Comparison, SureBets Website
Products: Sportsbook
GEO: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal
Deals: CPA, Rev Share
Products: Sports, Casino, Bingo, Esports, Poker - P2P
GEO: United States
Deals: CPA, Rev Share
Products: Sports, Poker
GEO: Poland, United Kingdom, Germany
Deals: Rev Share, CPA
Products: Sports
GEO: United Kingdom
Deals: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid
Products: Sports, Esports
GEO: Australia, Belarus, Colombia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, United Kingdom, United States
Deals: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Products: Sports, Esports
GEO: Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom
Deals: CPA, Rev Share
Products: Sportsbook, Casino, Betting Exchange
GEO: United Kingdom, Canada, India, Kenya
Deals: RevShare, PPC, SPA, Hybrid
Gamblers Connect
Products: Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, Lottery
GEO: United States, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, other
Deals: Rev Share, CPA, Hybrid, Fix
Products: Sports, Casino
GEO: Canada, China, Germany, United Kingdom, United States
Deals: Rev Share, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Products: Sports, Esports
GEO: United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, China, South Korea
Deals: Rev Share, Fixed Fees
Products: Sport, Casino, Live Casino
GEO: Canada, Australia, UK, USA, Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Deals: CPA, Rev Share, Fixed Fees
Products: Sports, Casino
GEO: India
Deals: CPM, Fixed Fees
Products: Sports, Casino
GEO: Brazil, Portugal
Deals: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Game Lounge
Products: Sports, Casino
GEO: Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania
Deals: Hybrid, Fixed Fee

This sums up pretty much all we had to tell you about sportsbook affiliates today. We sincerely hope that you were able to gather all the necessary information you were looking for, to start boosting sportsbook traffic to your website!

If you made it this far in the article, we encourage you to join us here at AffPapa.com – The ultimate directory dedicated to iGaming affiliates and operators, where you will find so much more from the iGaming industry here – the most relevant news, consistent original articles, and so much more!

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