Casino Software Providers – What are the best iGaming Software Suppliers?

Casino Software Providers – What are the best iGaming Software Suppliers?

Casino Software Providers – What are the best iGaming Software Suppliers?

Oftentimes overlooked but still the backbone of the iGaming industry, are Casino Software Providers – the giants behind almost every remarkable casino operator.

Casino Software Providers play a vital role in the creation and maintenance of an iGaming brand. Their offerings can help online casinos achieve success through appealing catalogs of content and responsive user interfaces, however, low-quality software offered by iGaming B2B Software Suppliers can also hamper an operator’s growth and cause them to fail. Because of this, it is important to choose the best iGaming Software Suppliers for your online casino, which is what we aim to help you accomplish with this article.

Before taking a look at a few of the Best iGaming Software Suppliers on the market, let’s quickly explore who these companies are and what they do.

Who are Casino Software Providers or iGaming B2B Software suppliers?

An iGaming B2B software supplier is a company that specializes in the development of software used for online casinos. Most Casino Software Providers offer highly-customizable solutions that can be perfectly suited to a wide range of operators. Because of this, the overwhelming majority of online gambling websites utilize the products of various iGaming B2B software suppliers, with a very small portion of operators having in-house platforms and games. But what products do casino software providers offer?

There are three main types of products that Casino Software Providers offer:

  • Casino Platforms
  • Casino Games
  • Auxiliary Software

Let’s briefly explore each type, starting with platforms. These are the backbone of pretty much all online gambling operators out in the world, as they connect the various important elements of a casino together, allowing it to function correctly.

Next up, we have casino games. These are some of the most important software products an operator can invest in, as these games provide players with the experiences they’re looking for. However, a casino game would not be able to function appropriately without being connected to a payment system, which is one of the most important auxiliary systems casinos make use of.

Apart from payment solutions, iGaming software providers can offer their clients a wide variety of other auxiliary software products, such as engagement-boosting features, localization solutions, community-building features, and many others. Moreover, many casino software providers also offer a collection of services that enable their clients to offload various parts of their operations to the development firm, such as through web hosting, affiliate management, and other similar solutions. These types of iGaming software suppliers usually offer white label casino platforms, which enable gambling firms to outsource the majority of their day-to-day operations to a third party. We will cover this in a bit more detail later.

While there are three main types of products offered by iGaming software suppliers, the majority of gambling platform providers also offer a variety of in-demand auxiliary software. Consequently, in this article, we will be classifying Casino Software Providers as:

  • Casino Platform Providers
  • Casino Game Providers

And even though one company could easily provide both at the same time, in this article we will be using a conditional categorization by product in order to dissect them and to clarify any possible misconceptions about each Casino Software Provider and the products they offer, eventually creating a quick but solid understanding of these key participants of the iGaming world!

Casino Platform Providers

Casino Platform Providers – the title is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? These guys are the ones that provide online casino operators with a platform on which they are going to operate.

There are two main types of iGaming software platforms, Turnkey and White Label. The former offers operators a catalog of content, such as games and betting opportunities, leaving the gambling firm to source everything else themselves. The latter option, on the other hand, offers operators a fully-featured set of services with built-in auxiliary software solutions. Check out this article comparing white-label and turnkey gambling platforms to learn more about the two.

As mentioned earlier, iGaming platform providers often offer a collection of vital auxiliary solutions along with their core offerings, with white label platform developers usually having a more fully-featured list of products. Some of the most important auxiliary solutions include web hosting and integration with various payment gateways, as an online gambling business would not be able to operate without a website and without giving its customers a way to deposit their funds.

Most online casinos (around 80%) operate using various iGaming platforms provided by casino platform providers, instead of building their own platform solutions. This is because building a platform solution for a gambling business is not the easiest task in the world, requiring quite a bit of technical knowledge and skill. Additionally, going through all of this effort to only power one or a handful of brands is not a common practice. An example of a casino operator that operates on their own, self-made platform is Bet365 – an established and well-known UK-based iGaming operator. However, a practice related to this that is common is when casino software providers run their own B2B businesses, which can enable them to test out various new features with real players before officially launching for existing and prospecting partners.

What to look for in a casino platform provider?

Before taking a look at a few popular casino platform providers, let’s briefly explore some key points operators need to look for when partnering with iGaming software suppliers.

1. Catalog of offerings

One of the most important things to look for when partnering with a casino platform provider is its catalog of available solutions. This includes not only what types of games an online casino software provider offers but also what types of platforms they can provide. As mentioned previously, there are two popular iGaming platform types used throughout the industry, turnkey and white label, with each one featuring vastly different requirements for prospecting partners. Moreover, when assessing the offerings of a white label casino platform provider, it is important to examine its catalog of auxiliary solutions as these can play a sizable role in an operator’s growth journey.

2. Licenses

Licensing and regulation are an important part of the iGaming industry. Many casino platform providers ensure their products and services feature a small set of licenses from a variety of popular regulatory authorities, such as the MGA, with higher-quality casino platform providers offering products licensed under the laws of more established iGaming jurisdictions. Moreover, it is vitally important to carefully assess the licenses offered by a white label casino platform provider, as many companies launching with such a solution will be utilizing master licenses offered by their development firm partners.

3. Software integration support

This one mainly applies to only turnkey gambling platforms, as white label ones should feature all key features needed for a successful online casino website. While most of the industry’s best iGaming software suppliers offer a suitable level of third-party software integration support, it is still important to ensure that the platform offering of a prospecting casino software provider partner will be able to function appropriately with any auxiliary software that your business may need to achieve success. This is particularly important for operators looking to implement a wide selection of payment methods that offer a high degree of localization.

4. Reputation

Working with established and reputable partners is quite important in the iGaming space, and casino platform providers are no exception. Integrating the solutions offered by such iGaming providers will ensure a high-quality experience with a set of decent results, while working with lower-quality casino platform providers could have significant negative effects for operators. This is particularly important for companies looking to make use of white label platforms, as modifying a low-quality example to enhance its capabilities is often impossible.

Let’s now take a look at a few Casino Platform Providers, starting with Digitain – an omnichannel iGaming software solutions provider who operates since 1999 and currently has over 150 partners across the world. Digitain is proud of its full-service plug-in or turnkey sportsbook, developed by its team of dedicated sports traders implementing the latest AI technologies to consistently offer content for their partners.

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Digitain’s product offering includes the following: iGaming Platform, Sportsbook Software, Payment Gateway, Sports Data & Stats, Casino Games, Live Casino Software, DGBuilder Website Builder, Mobile Betting App, Fast Games, Skill Games, as well as eSports.

Playtech – one of the biggest providers of online gaming and sports betting software. Operating since 1999, Playtech currently supplies iGaming and sportsbook software for online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, scratch games, live dealers, as well as bingo games, and more.

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Playtech’s offering incorporates a full, complete portfolio, ranging from IMS – an open platform that allows operators to plug in any third-party gaming products, tools, and systems, to Playtech’s own platform (POP), all of which are frequently utilized by the most ambitious companies worldwide.

Entain plc – another huge name in the gambling industry for casinos and sportsbooks, which operates both online and in retail.

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Certified and operating in over 20 countries on a global spread, Entain Group’s software offering includes a unique product – BWin Feed, which was designed “by bookmakers for bookmakers”. The company’s philosophy, according to its website, is to provide a B2C quality experience for all its B2B partners.

EveryMatrix – a giant in the gaming software provider sector. With over 12 years of experience in the scene, over 9 offices across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, and over 120 partners in multiple markets, Every Matrix is a supplier of API-driven products, which include casinos, sportsbooks, as well as affiliate management, totaling a suite of 7 different categories of solutions: CasinoEngine, OddsMatrix, BonusEngine, GamMatrix, MoneyMatrix, PartnerMatrix, and RGS Matrix.

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SOFTSWISS – the first online gambling software to operate with cryptocurrency, launched as a brand back in 2009. As a well-known industry pioneer in the process of shaping and establishing the iGaming software solutions industry, the company now employs over 900 people all over the world.

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The SOFTSWISS Platform is used by over 300 iGaming companies and features approximately 11,000 different game titles and its powered solutions have earned numerous awards & recognition in the industry. The company offers white-label solutions, affiliate marketing platforms, payment management, and much more!

Web-based solutions, rapid setup, free updates, cost-effectiveness, superior technology and design, a high level of security, and much more are some of the perks delivered by the software provider, who is always looking for new ways to innovate and enhance.

SoftGamingsWith over 15 years of expertise, the B2B provider has made a name for itself by delivering iGaming products that meet the current market demands. Everything needed to launch and manage a profitable online casino can be found here. 


SoftGamings offers a diverse and robust portfolio with feature-rich, cross-platform solutions spanning from White Label to Turnkey Casino software, self-service casino, and bitcoin casino software solutions. Over 250 clients take advantage of the company’s numerous advanced features, which include a loyalty program, gamification and tournament elements, and infinite customization options. 

BetConstruct is one of the industry’s most well-known names. Having been founded about two decades ago in Yerevan, Armenia, the company has established itself as a top platform provider and has managed to build a significant international presence across key jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom and Malta.


The developer offers a fully featured suite of services, including turnkey and white-label casino solutions, retail and online wagering services, and much more. The firm works with some of the industry’s best game developers, as well as its numerous sister developers owned by parent company SoftConstruct, to deliver over 10 thousand top-quality casino offerings of various types to the clients of their casino platforms. Furthermore, BetConstruct also commits to updating its services to keep them fresh by adding nearly 200 new titles each month.

Casino Game Providers

In contrast with casino platform providers, casino game providers specialize in developing the gambling experiences players seek. While it is important for gambling platforms to offer high-quality experiences for players, it is vital for games integrated into an iGaming operator’s website to deliver engaging experiences for the users that retain them for as long as possible for the gambling firm to be able to succeed.

Furthermore, it is also vital for iGaming software providers specializing in games to offer a decent level of third-party software integration support for their titles. This is of course important because gambling experiences will need to be able to work with a wide array of casino payment gateways to work. An operator looking to expand its audience at pace may also want to implement several player engagement-boosting features, such as casino loyalty programs, which will require an even deeper level of integration from its casino software solutions provider partners.

Casino game providers can specialize in a wide variety of gambling experiences, such as slots, live dealer titles, lottery games, and many others, however, most of them only focus on the most in-demand gambling titles around the world, slot games. The main thing that differentiates the games developed by iGaming software providers is the engagement levels they’re able to deliver. This goal can be achieved in a variety of ways and largely depends on the gameplay mechanics and the themes offered by the developer. Many of the best casino game providers have unique and widely recognizable themes available for their games that allow their titles to become fan favorites among gamblers around the world.

Despite the practically limitless number of gambling experiences and themes available in the ever-expanding industry, the vast majority of casino game development firms offer a very similar set of experiences. The main reason for this is that a large part of all gambling firms offer their players a familiar set of gambling experiences with very similar themes, gameplay elements, and rewards, with only some of the sector’s best operators offering standout variations or an expansive enough catalog of games to cover most iGaming niches. Because of this, it is important to assess the quality of a casino software provider’s offerings, as higher-quality ones will be able to help operators grow more quickly.

Perhaps, one of the biggest names within casino game providers is IGT (International Game Technology) – a multinational gambling company that produces slot machines and other gambling technology, founded in 1971 in London, with major offices in Rome, Providence, Rhode Island, and Las Vegas.

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IGT’s product offering includes not only gaming and lottery products and services, but also digital gaming platforms.

Another famous casino game provider is Net Entertainment (NetEnt) – a premium supplier of digitally distributed gaming systems used by some of the world’s most successful online gaming operators, founded first as a land-based company in 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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NetEnt’s iGaming solutions feature casino slots, pooled jackpots, branded games, and more.

Evolution Gaming – founded in 2006, and headquartered in Sweden, Evolution Gaming is a multi-channel and multi-device B2B service provider, licensed by over 11 regulators around the world. The company is proud of its customized and tailored approach to each of its Live Dealer partners, matching the needs and particularities of the markets they’re in.

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Evolution Gaming’s game offering includes slots, live casino, game shows, and more.

An impressive and significant name in the industry is Realtime Gaming (RTG) – an Atlanta-based online casino company, developing download-based casino software, licensed by various operators running their own branded RTG-powered casino sites, which operates since 1998, but has changed the location of its headquarters to Costa Rica in 2007.

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Realtime Gaming offers an impressive suite of casino games, live dealers, fantasy games, and more, along with other iGaming services.

Next, worth mentioning is another remarkable casino game provider – Microgaming.

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Headquartered in Douglas, Isle of Man, Microgaming claims to have designed the world’s first ever real iGaming software in 1994, and the first mobile casino software in 2004, according to their website. The company is also known for having the world’s largest jackpot network, having paid out over 1.45 billion euros up to this year.

However, the provider says, “Numbers don’t define us”, as a founding member of COGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance), Microgaming stands firmly for safe, regulated, and responsible gaming, as well as giving back to communities, prioritizing education, sport, and health via their CSR initiative, Microgaming PlayItForward.

Microgaming’s impressive portfolio of gaming offerings includes over 800 casino titles, well-known branded games such as Jurassic World™ and Game of Thrones™, and over 700 top-rank partner games, all of which are constantly renewed and launched on a monthly basis.

Push Gaming is an online gambling B2B provider that creates exciting gaming and betting solutions. The B2B iGaming provider ensures a positive user experience for its players delivering solutions both with online and mobile accessibility. Delivering a wide variety of entertaining, fun, mystery, fantasy, and spin-to-win types of games,  Push Gaming is committed to following responsible gambling regulations.

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The company prioritizes the concept of preventing underage gambling by showing an age-restriction popup to its visitors. In addition, the company offers free consultations to players who get taken away by gambling. The iGaming B2B provider is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and approved by state commissions and other state authorities. The company partners with such industry giants as Betsson, LeoVegas, 32red, and many others. The betting and gaming provider presents its privacy policy which states the adopted responsible approach when handling personal information.

Play’n GO is a pioneer iGaming B2B supplier that started with a small team. With time, the company expanded into 25 regulated markets delivering an inclusive games portfolio.

Play'n GO Website

The provider is committed to creating gaming software solutions compatible with different gadgets such as desktops, mobile, tablets, and even terminals. While creating entertaining games, Play’n GO highlights social responsibility. It pursues responsible gambling policies, at the same time focusing on sustainability and lowering emissions. The iGaming B2B provider strives for quality in anything it does. Its mission is to take iGaming software solutions to the next level and ensure its unique business standing with a diversified games portfolio. Ranging from grid slots to bingo games, Play’n GO’s partner operators are privileged to offer players an unmatched variety of iGaming experiences with more than 280 games.

Pragmatic Play is a B2B iGaming software supplier that offers its partners high-quality game content for casinos, and bookmakers, including amazing solutions to power up live interactions. The games are integrated into mobile and desktop through a single API. The software integration covers multiple languages and currencies.

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Pragmatic Play shares core values both inside and outside the company. Values the iGaming B2B provider pursues are perseverance, trust, and respect within the team, as well as towards partners and their players. Having a mission to constantly deliver paramount products, Pragmatic Play strives to create games players genuinely love. On top of that, the company follows responsible gambling procedures which aim to make iGaming safer for everyone.

Relax Gaming is another well-known name in the world of casino software providers. The company specializes in both the creation of its in-house games and the development of gambling content with third-party casino software providers through its Powered by Relax and Silver Bullet initiatives. The company also provides operators with seamless integration services through which gambling companies can implement Relax Gaming’s portfolio effortlessly.

Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming’s catalog of content mainly consists of traditional casino experiences such as slots, however, the firm also offers Bingo and Poker products as well.

Casino Software Providers

Now that we have looked at these world-famous B2B Software Providers, which ones shall the reader go for? AffPapa has got you covered on that as well, reader!

Below you will find a comprehensive list of AffPapa-verified Casino Software Providers; both for platforms and games.

Type: Casino Platform
Number of Games: 14,000+
Established in: 2005
Best Operators: Gslot Casino, BitStarz, VideoSlots, N1Casino, Bet365, PaddyPower
Type: Casino Platform, Game Provider
Number of Games: 11,500+
Established in: 2008
Best Operators: Tipico, Norsk Tipping, Opap, Wunderino, MyBet, MaxBet, BetVictor, Bet-at-Home, Rivalo
Type: Casino Platform
Number of Games: 5,000+
Established in: 2013
Best Operators: Zet Casino, Campobet Casino, Boaboa Casino, YoyoCasino, PowBet Casino
Type: Casino Platform, Game Provider
Number of Games: 11,000+
Established in: 2009
Best Operators: N1 Partners, PokerMatch, BitStarz, mBit Casino, Alpha Affiliates, King Billy, etc
Type: Casino Platform
Number of Games: 10000+
Established in: 2007
Best Operators: Parimatch, Novibet, Tonybet,PokerKlas, etc
Type: Casino Platform
Number of Games: 7,000+
Established in: 1999
Best Operators: Pin-Up Casino, TotoGaming, YourBet
Type: Casino Platform
Number of Games: 4,000+
Established in: 2005
Best Operators: Aragon Casino, MostBet,,,, SportsBetting
Type: Game Provider
Number of Games: 600+
Established in: 1990
Best Operators: Betsson, Bwin, Bet365, Ladbrokes, PaddyPower
Type: Game Provider
Number of Games: 180+
Established in: 1999
Best Operators: LeoVegas, ComeOn!, Mr Green, 1xSlots
Evolution Gaming
Type: Game Provider
Number of Games: 400+
Established in: 2006
Best Operators: BetWay, Bwin, William Hill, UniBet, Betano, Ladbrokes, BetSafe
Type: Game Provider
Number of Games: 300+
Established in: 1996
Best Operators: William Hill, BetWay, Bwin, Bet365, Ladbrokes, BetSafe, UniBet
Type: Game Provider
Number of Games: 400+
Established in: 1994
Best Operators: BetSafe, Bwin, William Hill, UniBet, Betano, Ladbrokes, Bet-at-Home
Push Gaming
Type: Game Provider
Number of Games: 20+
Established in: 2010
Best Operators: White Hat Gaming, Betsson, Casumo, LeoVegas, Kindred
Play'n GO
Type: Game Provider
Number of Games: 200+
Established in: 2005
Best Operators: BetMGM, Lottomatica, Holland Casino
Type: Casino Platform
Number of Games: 10000+
Established in: 2003
Best Operators: Betsson, VBet, Jade Sportsbet
Pragmatic Play
Type: Game Provider
Number of Games: 250
Established in: 2015
Best Operators: 888Casino, 1XBET, POKERSTARS, PARTYCASINO, sky bet, betsson, betsafe, starcasino, NetBet, sportingbet
Relax Gaming
Type: Game Provider
Number of Games: 285+
Established in: 2010
Best Operators: Mr. Green, STS, Bethard, Video Slots, InterWetten, Play Fortuna


Well, dear reader, this about marks the end of this article.

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