LGaming – iGaming Voice by Yeva

LGaming – iGaming Voice by Yeva

LGaming – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Recently, AffPapa had the opportunity to chat with the CEO of LGaming, Alexander Sobko, who talked about markets that hold the most potential for the gambling sector and shared his insights on which industry trends will be the most impactful in the coming decade.

Yeva: Starting off the interview, I’m sure our readers are eager to learn more about LGaming. Can you give us a brief introduction to the company and its mission, Alexander?

LGaming is an ecosystem consisting of an affiliate network, the BetAndreas in-house product, and a set of tools, from mobile app rentals to virtual bank cards.

The mission of LGaming is to create a company for the iGaming vertical, one where the market and industry would have a use for each of its participants. Each member of the LGaming team invests their time and energy to help our partners and company make money while securing profits for themselves as well. And it doesn’t matter what exactly; they’re responsible for payment decisions, working with traffic, or technical solutions.

Yeva: Let’s talk about LGaming’s brands. Can you introduce them to our readers and tell us a bit about how they stand out from the competition?

LGaming has its own brand – BetAndreas. It’s an online casino and bookmaker office that launched in the fall of 2022.

One of the biggest advantages we offer our partners is the high conversion rate: reg2dep up to 20% and click2reg up to 85%. You get such figures thanks to the brand being fresh and having an empty player base. Additionally, we’ve incorporated reliable technical and payment solutions, which also positively affect the number of conversions.

I should also mention that BetAndreas isn’t our first original product. Our team has vast experience and a clear understanding of providing players with the best service and squeezing out the most profit for our partners.

Yeva: Which jurisdictions does LGaming focus on the most? Which ones do you think hold the most potential for the gambling industry, Alexander?

As for our focus – we’re aimed at Tier 1 countries, LATAM and Eastern Europe. But I’d like to mention that LGaming provides partners with access to thousands of offers tailored to jurisdictions all over the world.

Regarding our BetAndreas brand, the following countries are currently available: CZ, PL, BR, TR, IN, BD, UZ, AZ, and KZ. On average, we venture out into ten new GEOs each year.

Yeva: As the iGaming industry expands all around the world, more and more emphasis is put on the topic of responsible gambling. How does LGaming ensure the safety of its players?

Responsible gambling is a vital part of our BetAndreas product. Our brand has all the KYC procedures and guarantees personal data security and player funds. BetAndreas has a transparent money withdrawal system, letting players withdraw their funds whenever they want.

We also have limits in place – players can set restrictions regarding the time or money they spend gambling.

Yeva: Has LGaming ever had to deal with fraudulent affiliates? In your view, what steps should operators take to protect themselves from such threats?

LGaming has its own anti-fraud system and anti-fraud department that evaluates attracted traffic across around 150 parameters. So, we check and assess partner traffic before paying them, especially the first couple of times.

Should the anti-fraud department notice something shady, we launch a thorough investigation of the traffic.

To protect yourself from fraudulent affiliates, you need to enhance your technical capabilities and train your anti-fraud personnel better. Make sure they not only monitor the traffic but also closely get to know the affiliates personally as soon as they register with the network.

For example, after getting acquainted with a partner in detail, the LGaming supp team carefully studies their traffic sources and their entire funnel. This gives us an idea of whether or not this partnership has the potential to be profitable.

Yeva: What does LGaming look for in prospecting partners, Alexander? What are some of the company’s criteria for choosing which affiliates to work with?

affpapa and lgaming strike a new partnership
Affpapa and Lgaming strike a new partnership

Allow me to repeat myself a little – when a new partner comes into our spotlight, we study their work in detail. An important factor for us is affiliate marketing experience and not limited to only the iGaming vertical.

But even if a person has zero prior experience with the industry, we advise them to study the necessary info and work a little with traffic to get their first results, experience, and an understanding of how things work. And after that, after they get basic experience, we will be ready to work with that person.

Our LGaming ecosystem is open to partners who want to grow and secure incredible results. For example, if an affiliate comes to us from another vertical, we help them get a firm footing in iGaming. This way, we leave a good impression on the partner who thinks of us as one of those companies that helped them.

We’re more than happy to welcome affiliates with actual iGaming-e experience, especially when they can provide successful cases or stats to back it up.

Yeva: In your view, which emerging industry trends do you think will be the most impactful in about a decade? Does LGaming have any plans to incorporate such trends in the future?

I should mention that the industry has been actively growing, which makes accurately predicting trends for even the next year quite challenging, much less a more distant future like a decade later.

I can safely say that the iGaming-industry will see further integration of cryptocurrencies and AI since these developments help optimize work activities and significantly improve the quality and level of convenience of our products.

As for the players, the entire industry is looking for ways to have a more powerful and surprising effect on the player base. For example, since last year, there’s been a trend towards crash games like Aviator, and I think it will remain strong, with game catalogs acquiring different variations of games of this format.

And the same can be said about the industry as a whole – all market participants are constantly creating new mechanics, formats, and games to peak user interest.

As for affiliate marketing, new tech and features are popping up left and right. For example, we already see more and more affiliates using ChatGPT for copywriting and rewriting purposes or MidJourney to generate ad creatives. And over time, as technology becomes even more advanced, we’ll get even more examples like this.

But one basic and key element remains – customer service. For us in LGaming, the relationship between people remains the most vital element.

Regardless of what technologies are currently out there or how many of them there are, first and foremost, we work with people, which is why nothing dwarfs the importance of maintaining healthy relations with our partners, and that will be just as relevant ten years later.

This is LGaming’s key value – setting up a unique and excellent customer service model, from low-tier affiliates to big dog teams with access to our VIP service.

Yeva: As we get to our last question, it is time to get a bit off-topic. What do you enjoy doing the most in your spare time, Alexander?

I can’t imagine my life without poker since, for me, it’s not just a way to relax and have fun but also hone my emotions, thoughts, and feeling perception.

As for something more calorie-consuming, I enjoy snowboarding since active sports really help stop analyzing everything for a sec and leave only raw feelings and emotions: speed, freedom, and power. I also like tennis and squash if, for whatever reason, I can’t go snowboarding.

And the final crucial element of my lifestyle is traveling, which lets me interact with new people and cultures, enriching myself with new memories and emotions.

I can put it this way – sports are a great way to relax and reboot the mind while traveling stimulates me to think more strategically.

Company: LGaming
Interviewee: Alexander Sobko
Date: 13.06.2023

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