PGCB reports PA gambling industry performance in FY22-23

PGCB reports PA gambling industry performance in FY22-23

PGCB reports PA gambling industry performance in FY22-23

The PGCB’s latest annual report covers the financial performance and key events of Pennsylvania’s gambling industry in the year ended on the 30th of June.

The report’s coverage of the industry’s financial performance in the year revealed that gambling operators in the land-based vertical kept outperforming the online sector, generating a total revenue of 3.43 billion dollars. Online gambling operators, on the other hand, generated a total revenue of 1.52 billion dollars.

Breaking down the performance of the state’s gambling firms, slot games remained in their top spot in both the online and land-based verticals, generating more than a billion dollars and 2.45 billion dollars in revenue respectively. Online and retail table games followed, generating just over 460 million dollars and 974 million dollars in the year respectively.

The retail vertical’s dominance was not able to extend to the sports wagering pastime, however, with online betting operators generating 440 million dollars in revenue, over eight times more than the state’s retail bookmakers’ revenue of 51.5 million dollars.

The regulator also mentioned a few other noteworthy statistics about Pennsylvania’s gambling sector, such as the total number of license applications it has received throughout the year. These applications reported by the PGCB include everything from gambling license applications to ones for hiring individual employees at gambling businesses. Of the more than 15 thousand applications received by the PGCB, only 11.5 thousand were approved, while the rest were either denied, withdrawn, revoked, or suspended over the course of the financial year.

Lastly, the regulator mentioned that throughout the year it has banned 135 patrons from entering land-based gambling establishments for a wide variety of reasons. The most widespread causes for a patron to be banned from gambling in the state were leaving minors unattended to gamble, stealing, cheating, and assault.

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