RedStar – iGaming Voice by Yeva

RedStar – iGaming Voice by Yeva

RedStar – iGaming Voice by Yeva

In a thorough interview with AffPapa, Inna Shamrytska, Head of Affiliate at RedStar Poker, touched on the important factors of iGaming partnerships, explained how to steer clear of breaches and revealed what’s in store for the industry.

Yeva: What factors is a good partnership measured by?

I think that every person has their own criteria for good cooperation. Personally to me responsibility, openness in communication and the ability to negotiate are very important.

Yeva: How do you stay ahead of the game when there are so many competitors? And do you believe that the industry is saturated?

In fact, we are always trying to make our players feel comfortable with us. They know that we will solve any problem, so they feel confident and calm. I think this is one of the most important factors to be at the top.

Yeva: What skills do most failing iGaming businesses lack?

Again, this is disrespect for the players and the pursuit of money in the first place. In any area, an idea and desire to put your soul into your business should be a top priority.

Yeva: Why do casinos give affiliates such a profitable deal?

We are looking for the best quality traffic, which is why we are ready to pay for it.

Yeva: What markets are you looking to expand into?

At the moment we are focused on Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan.

Yeva: Being one of the first poker rooms that still operate as of today, how has the industry changed since 2005?

The industry has changed significantly from that moment. We all remember the 15th of April 2011, Black Friday, that lead to the loss of US traffic and players liquidity to all the industry. We are happy that we are still operating in the poker business as we have switched three Poker Networks from 2005 till now, and we believe that we will keep on moving forward alongside iPoker Network.

Yeva: How do you ensure your clients that their information is safe in an age where security breaches are common?

We recognize the desire of our users to guard their privacy. We are a controller (also known as a data controller) in respect to the personal information of our players. It means that we are responsible for determining the purposes for which personal information of players is processed in compliance with the relevant data protection laws and regulations.

Yeva: What do you predict the industry will be like in 5 years?RedStar Poker Inna

With such an incomprehensible situation in the world as it is right now, it is very difficult to plan and predict something. But I hope the industry will develop and grow despite everything.

Yeva: After joining the iPoker network, your site ranked in the top 10 largest poker sites on the globe. How has that affected the brand?

Surely it is affected us in the best way. We’ve got a lot of new poker players and partners. In general, poker direction became more in demand.

Yeva: What are the pros and cons of the gaming industry?

There are no cons in my opinion. This industry has always been interesting and exciting. There are many new innovations, you are always communicating with new people and it is addictive.

Yeva: How do you make sure that players are being responsible while gaming?

The player, who has an addiction to gambling, is completely focused on it and does not look at its position as social, emotional and financial.

Nevertheless, if the concern to the game is considerate, it is possible to avoid a gambling problem. RedStar offers the following features to monitor the game:

  • underage persons (under 18 years old) are forbidden to play on our site.
  • player can establish their own limits on the amount of deposits – for this, write a request to our support.
  • players can set a self-exclusion on their accounts for a period from 1 day up to 6 months, or indefinitely. During the self-exclusion periods player won’t be able to use their account, and only after the self-exclusion has expired they can access casino game again.

Also we’ve added contacts where it is possible to receive professional help under the decision of a gambling problem, information about treatment centers, help line numbers and Gamblers Anonymous.

Yeva: Setting work aside, tell us some more about yourself. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

The best pastime for me is to come to the sea, sit in silence and to be alone with my thoughts And of course, I like to spend time with my lovely people.

Yeva: Do you see yourself being in the iGaming world in the long run?RedStar Poker Inna

It is a very interesting industry to me, which gives me the opportunity to develop and keeps me on my toes. So yes, I do see myself in the iGaming world in future.

Company: RedStar
Inna Shamrytska 

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