British sporting bodies voice support vaccine passports

British sporting bodies voice support vaccine passports

British sporting bodies voice support vaccine passports

Earlier today, the BBC reported that many British sporting bodies have voiced their support for the use of vaccine passports in order to allow for spectators and fans to return to stadiums.

These sporting bodies include the likes of the Premier League, FA, England and Wales Cricket Board, Rugby Football League, as well as many others who addressed a letter to the leaders of major political parties stating that they entirely back the concept.

These sporting bodies also said that vaccine passports are a reliable solution to get more and more spectators into the stadiums as soon as possible. However, they also expressed that these measures should absolutely not be discriminatory and have to protect everyone’s privacy.

The United Kingdom’s current roadmap concerning lockdown restrictions means that outdoor sports stadiums will be able to have spectators at 25% capacity starting from the 17th of May, and a maximum number of 10,000 people attending. 

When it comes to Scotland, larger events will be able to resume on the 17th of May, as the Euro 2020 at Hampden Park will be hosting around 13,000 individuals, and 20,000 could possibly attend the FA Cup Final on 15th of May.

Lockdown restrictions in Wales are and will continue to be much tougher than that of Scotland and England, with all sporting events taking place in outdoor venues during the summer will have attendance of about 200 to 1,000 fans.

All UK events and matches will keep abiding by social distancing rules, however this might not apply to the World Snooker Championships in Sheffield, where there is said to be a 75% capacity limit for the semi-finals, with hopes of having full capacity in the final, with extensive COVID-19 testing taking place.

Chairman of the EFL, Trevor Birch, also said:

“Without COVID certification, we may not be able to get full fans back in stadiums, which will have a dramatic financial effect.”

The letter was signed by the Lawn Tennis Association and the Silverstone motor-racing circuit, and the group further states that it hoped for ‘certainty as soon as possible’ to get a move on when it comes to planning these events which will take place in summer.

The group further said on the vaccine certification:

“There are many issues to be addressed including how technology would work and its ease of use at major events, for both the attendees and the organisers.”

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