Crackdown on teen gambling in South Korea

Crackdown on teen gambling in South Korea

Crackdown on teen gambling in South Korea

South Korean law enforcement has been vigorously pursuing illicit online gambling activities for the last six months.

Through these actions, they have caught 2,925 suspects and detained close to 3,000 people. The National Office of Investigation in the nation released a report including this information.

1,035 teenagers were among the apprehended suspects, making up a sizable fraction of the population. Different categories were targeted with specific actions: 566 teens were sent to counseling centers for support and assistance, while 75 adults were charged and placed under official arrest. Twelve teens have also been accused of operating online gambling sites, and six more of assisting with the promotion of these sites.

Through these search operations, the authorities were also able to seize a significant sum of money, around KRW 61.9 billion (or $44.9 million USD). This illustrates how widespread the issue of illegal gambling is.

The inquiry clarified the manner in which these young people were exposed to online gambling. Peer pressure emerged as a recurring theme, with friends being a major source of gambling introductions. Many were also lured in by messages on their smartphones and adverts they saw on social media and throughout the internet.

The research gives specific numbers regarding the games that teenagers participating in these events liked to play: Baccarat was the most played game, making up 41.9 percent. Online casinos (17.1%), sports betting (19.8%), and games like online slot machines and Powerball lottery (14.7%) came next.

The South Korean government has said that it will launch a second, more targeted six-month campaign beginning in May in response to these findings. This next effort aims to further suppress illicit online activity, with a specific emphasis on decreasing teenage gambling. This points to a persistent dedication to addressing this matter and attempting to lessen its influence on the youth.

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