Interview with Lev Ostashkov — Affiliate Manager at Mostbet Partners

Interview with Lev Ostashkov — Affiliate Manager at Mostbet Partners

Interview with Lev Ostashkov — Affiliate Manager at Mostbet Partners

AffPapa recently interviewed Mostbet Partners‘ Affiliate Manager Lev Ostashkov. Lev talked about working with partners on pricing and improving traffic quality, the top-performing geographic areas, and the benefits of Mostbet’s loyalty program. He also advised those aspiring to enter the affiliate management area in the gambling industry, so stay tuned!

Yeva: Hello, Lev. Tell us a bit about your work as an affiliate manager at Mostbet Partners, who is that?

I would say that an Affiliate manager of Mostbet Partners is the face of the company because first of all, an affiliate manager is a person who communicates with partners on behalf of the affiliate program. 

On the other hand, the manager is someone who represents the interests of a partner in front of the company, it is important to remember this.

Of course, the manager is a professional in his field with a high level of competence and service.

I believe that the key to successful work is flexibility and the ability to find a good compromise. At the same time, it is important to be able to make firm decisions and be stress-resistant, of course.

Yeva: Is a good manager for a webmaster the one who can offer a high rate?

A good manager is someone who will work with the webmaster to find growth points for the quality of your traffic. Analyzing numbers, identifying problems, and looking for solutions together with the webmaster and the analytics department. It is with such work that you can achieve good traffic quality, and with good quality, a high rate is justified.

Yeva: Tell us, what sources do your partners most often work with now, and what payment model do they choose?

We work with our partners on CPA and Revshare. Now on we look for RS traffic and that is why there is a great opportunity to get a high percentage of RS these days.

Popular traffic sources:

  • FB Apps
  • SEO
  • Influence

Yeva: Which GEOs are currently performing best at Mostbet Partners?

For several months now, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and India have been performing excellently. These are the countries where the conversion rate is consistently high. Speaking of fresh geographies, we recently opened Belarus, Italy, Germany, and Greece at Mostbet Partners. If you are interested in new GEOs, I advise you to hurry while there are still available caps. For this, you can always write to me in private messages on Telegram.

Yeva: High rates and converting GEOs are key to successful work, but what else affects partner relationships?

Human relationships, of course. I not only talk business with my partners, we are friends. We often meet at conferences and private dinners, and sometimes we might get together to play online games.

Mostbet Partners values its partners, and we also have a loyalty program for them — Mostbet Partners Store. Thanks to this program, partners earn bonus points for traffic and can exchange them for electronic devices or even cash.

Right now, there is a great opportunity to earn up to 3 times more bonus points in the Mostbet Partners Store and receive 60% via Revshare. The offer for partners is valid from May 1 to June 1, 2024, and applies to the following GEOs:

  • Brazil
  • Hungary
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Czech Republic

To find out the exact number of points for each GEO, write to me in private messages.

Yeva: What are some common challenges affiliate managers face, and how do you overcome them?

Our work involves a large number of operational tasks that often require completion in a short time. We are also in continuous communication with our partners. In order to be able to complete all the tasks, time management must be at a high level, developing in itself. If you develop this skill, you can even find time for lunch!

Yeva: What advice would you give someone looking to start a career as an affiliate manager in the gambling industry?

First, dive into learning all the key terms and basics of affiliate marketing—it’s the foundation you’ll build on. It’s also important to sharpen both your soft skills, like communication and negotiation, and your hard skills, especially in sales; they’ll help you convince partners to join forces with you. And make sure to keep up with the industry by following top resources and influencers on social media, it will help to be on the topic.

Lev, thank you for your answers. We wish you further success in your role as an affiliate manager.

Thank you, and to your readers. Don’t forget to register at Mostbet Partners via the link. Wishing everyone success and high ROI!

Company: Mostbet Partners
Interviewee: Lev Ostashkov
Date: 09.05.2024

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