MostBet Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

MostBet Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

MostBet Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

AffPapa recently held an interview with Anastasiia Shcherbyna, MostBet Partners’ Head of Affiliates UA, and talked about their team, offers, iGaming industry and the launch of their online store.

Yeva: Can you introduce us to MostBet Partners and the team working behind it?

MostBet Partners’ team is a close-knit, talented group. We have a common vision of how to achieve great results for our clients. 

Our team is the real people behind the product. Each of us is amazing in our own way. We are disparate but united by a common goal. The goal is to provide our partners with the best service on the affiliate market. 

We’re full of pride of the team we’ve built. Together we help MostBet Partners grow and scale every year. 

Yeva: You recently launched an online store as part of your loyalty program, where affiliates can earn actual prizes for bringing in traffic to your affiliate program. Please tell us more about it. What was the key reason for implementing such an approach?

Everyone loves to get gifts. Our active partners can get valuable presents in exchange for points. We have a large selection of gifts in our online store. There are sets for sports and travel, devices such as phones, smart watches, robot vacuum cleaners and so on. Everyone can find something for themselves here. 

The reason why we decided to open a store is the desire to give more rewards to our active partners. It’s a good way to motivate our partners and clients!

Yeva: You offer both CPA and RevShare models on your affiliate website. Which one is more popular among your affiliates?

Usually webmasters prefer to work on the CPA, and we are not an exception. The reason is that it’s easier for partners to predict their ROIs. They also don’t have to wait for it all to pay off, as we can see from RevShare’s example.

Yeva: With MostBet having been in the industry for a long time (since 2016), I’m sure getting to where you are today wasn’t as easy as it seems. What have been some of the challenges along the way?

It wasn’t an easy path to walk through. We carried ourselves up from a startup into a huge competitive company on the I-Gaming market. 

Our first countries of interest became Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Bangladesh. There we were among the first international betting companies that received local payments.

We developed a unique payment acquiring software and our own payment system inside the betting company! We’ve found financial partners in these GEO and with their help we managed to fortify our positions on the market quickly and successfully. This has earned us a reputation as a reliable company!

affpapa and mostbet partners announce new partnership
AffPapa and MostBet Partners announce new partnership

Redesign. Our website is built on the unique homebrew platform. During the time of our existence, we have changed the design multiple times. And this was an uneasy and stressful task for the development department and other departments as well! But now we can without a shadow of doubt say that we have one of the best and fastest interfaces on the market!

Ambassadorship. One of the bravest challenges that we set up is signing up a sportsman with a worldwide name, Franchesko Totti. We discussed a lot and we decided a lot. So now we have the best ambassador ever!

Not an easier task was to set up a Media Buying department. We don’t treat entering a new GEO as a simple translation of the website to a needed language and launching the traffic flow. Mostbet Partners is a brand now. So in every country we enter, we make media plans, integrate influencers and bloggers, buy top public pages where our audience spends most of their time, and make local promos. Such an approach influences literally every aspect: organic traffic, trust, acknowledgement, conversion, including affiliate traffic. (This is «I’ve seen you somewhere before» effect)

I could continue this topic further, but I surely don’t want readers to get bored 🙂

Yeva: How do you decide which affiliates to work with? What are some of the red flags you try to avoid?

Naturally, as every affiliate program does, initially we conduct a survey. At first the partner fills in his data, and then the manager contacts him for a more detailed dialogue. As for me, the best tools are experience, professionalism and intuition. Thanks to elementary questions and creativity, you can immediately figure out a fraudster. But honestly, we are so loyal to our partners, so we give many people a chance to test our product. The main thing is not to lose our trust… Because our controlling department is super powerful and strict 🙂

Yeva: You have over 50 countries covered and recently entered Pakistan as well. What are some of your best-performing GEOs right now?

As I said earlier, our strongest side is international development. We never stop on what we currently achieved and always work on opening new GEOs for our partners. Pakistan is on the list, and we are still the first to enter this market. It is possible because we have no fear of difficulties and are ready to share on successful cases of our partners, still developing and mastering ourselves. 

We encourage our partners on a daily basis, and delight them with new GEO. 

We stand strong on the leading positions according to traffic repayment volumes in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. It is also harder from year to year to compete with us in Bangladesh and Turkey because Mostbet is a really well-known and trusted brand there.

Yeva: How important is it for players to be sure that the games they are playing are licensed?

The certificate and license by themselves have no meaning. Players come for good math and high-quality graphics, and this is usually licensed. So players prefer the license because it confirms the quality. Will the player distinguish the original from the fake? Probably not, but only if he has nothing to compare it with. If you test the original and a copy of the patent on the A/B format, the difference will be obvious. At the same time, the player will generally prefer content with better gamification, even if the provider cannot formally show the license (I’m not talking about copies now, but about unique games without certificates).

Yeva: Anastasiia, how long have you been in the iGaming industry, and what drew you in?

I have been in the gambling industry relatively recently, less than a year, but in this short period I managed to grow and open my own department — a branch of managers in UA. I am so grateful to my company for its development, it’s all thanks to them. Every day side by side with professionals, what else can you dream about… 

What attracted me? Casino, games, sports, what could be more interesting? Since childhood, I have had a passion for sports. After visiting an offline casino and feeling that vibe, I started dreaming to become part of the i-Gaming world. And now I’m here. 

Yeva: What is one piece of advice you would give to affiliates who are just starting out and need some guidance?

There is no need to be afraid of something. I came with a small amount of knowledge, but I quickly adapted because I wanted to. Do you like it? Do you want it? Take it and do it! You’ll learn everything! There will always be someone who will help you.

MostBet Partners publish cases from our partners on different platforms, we will be happy to share them with you!

Yeva: Last but not least, Anastasiia, I’m sure our readers would like to know more about you outside of work. What are your hobbies? What motivates you in life?

Sometimes it seems to me that all I do is work, haha. But no. I always try to unload myself so as not to go crazy. On weekdays I have gym, yoga, stretching, English and even acting courses. I also walk with family and friends. Do you want to ask how I manage all this? I will answer — I don’t know)
Probably discipline, I have been very demanding of myself since childhood. I like to travel, that’s where I relax: sit back, enjoy culture and dream.
When I see the results of my work, I become really motivated.

Company: MostBet Partners
Interviewee: Anastasiia Shcherbyna
Date: 15.09.2022

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