Kindred Group and Relax Gaming Launch Pride Month Special Avatar Set

Kindred Group and Relax Gaming Launch Pride Month Special Avatar Set

Posted by: AffPapa

Relax Gaming and Kindred Group continue their affiliation by launching a new special set of avatars for their players

The Groups claim that the new set of exclusive avatars is designed to represent their LGBTQ+ customers in celebration of Pride Month.

Kindred’s senior HR manager, Gavin Hayward detailed:

“As an organization, we are happy to play our part in creating inclusive and accepting spaces for minority groups. Each member of our team at Kindred, despite sexuality or gender identity, is proud to work at an inclusive and diverse workplace.

We hope to show properly that this is not a performative action and represents our corporate values. Despite it being a tiny gesture, we know that for many LGBTQ+ people it serves as affirmation and assurance that usually lacks in other areas.”

The idea to make gender and sexuality inclusive avatars was born during the group’s LGBTQ+ Network meetings, which was then followed with design options that are meant to go with the regular starter avatar, but add some alternatives for LGBTQ+ players.

The group’s LGBTQ+ Network’s member, Katharine Arnsby commented:

“It is amazing to work for such an inclusive firm that actually hears the people. We live in a big world where there are people with all types of differences. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, there is a huge difference now in companies’ attitudes towards minoritized groups, as compared to when I started working in the industry thanks to diverse and active companies like Kindred.”

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