Overview of the new UK gambling restrictions and what they mean for affiliates

Overview of the new UK gambling restrictions and what they mean for affiliates

Posted by: AffPapa

Many have been asking the UK Gambling Commission to impose new legislation for multiple sides of the iGaming industry. A few of the new UK gambling restrictions have now been presented and will bring forth some colossal changes for quite a large amount of operators in the sector.

Of these changes, arguably the biggest one is that there will be certain limitations placed and changes made to many functions and features of slot games. Many of such measures revolve around an accurate display of the amount of money that a player may be winning or losing.

To put this statement into context, an alarming amount of “win” functions in slots are currently celebrated with colourful lights and possibly even a jingle played on the game’s soundtrack. The newly-imposed restrictions will be setting a limit to these so that they do not play if a supposed “win” realistically amounts to less than or equal to the initial wager.

Other new changes will be made to multiple functions, including those that allow for quick-spins faster than 2.5 seconds or autoplay controls. Such functions will all be banned. Aside from that, many have voiced their concerns on features that can make players lose track of the time they send betting, as well as the amount of money that they pitched in even if the restrictions are in place.

Operators and licensees have been given until October 31st 2021 to make sure that all important changes have been made to abide by the new restrictions set by the UKGC. 

Until this moment, a few casinos have allowed reverse withdrawals, which means that once a player has requested a withdrawal, they will be able to cancel it and re-gamble those funds instead. Most withdrawals normally take about 2-3 business days to process, therefore casinos would give players the opportunity to change their mind during that period.

These types of withdrawal will be banned by the UKGC as part of the new gambling restrictions, as a ban will get rid of the temptation of continuous gambling for a lot of players. If players request a withdrawal now, they have no choice but to acquire it after it has completed its processing.

These changes are mainly important for affiliates and affiliates managers, as they need to be aware and obey these new laws and regulations. Affiliate managements should make sure they go through all of the brands within their respective programmes as these new regulations are imposed. If they fail to announce an attempt to change and stick to the new rules, the whole programme will have to undergo restructuring in order to omit any promotion of this specific brand.

These will most likely only be the first new UK gambling restrictions we will witness in upcoming few months.

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