Parimatch reveals Dale Steyn as brand ambassador

Parimatch reveals Dale Steyn as brand ambassador

Posted by: AffPapa

Parimatch has declared the launch of its first collaboration with Dale Steyn, the popular cricket icon. The two parties have entered a deal for the duration of 18 months starting from March 2021 during which Steyn will be working with the firm as a brand ambassador.

The video will be showcasing Steyn’s dedication to win in advertising Parimatch, as well as displaying the firm’s determination along with Juventus, Conor McGregor, UFC as well as others. Cricket legend Dale Steyn exhibited the passion that is described in Parimatch’s motto, which is “Fired Up to Win”.

‘Steyn Gun’ really displayed his drive to win and his swiftness as he shot the video in one day, over the course of six hours with no breaks. The video was produced by Joshua Borill, who has previously worked with Mercedes, Heineken and Coca-Cola, as well as two production teams who were abiding by all the COVID-19 restrictions and quarantining to assure everyone’s safety.

Steyn is an icon in the cricket scene, and he expressed his positive attitude and outlook all throughout the shooting of the video and the collaboration, as he cooperated with the film and production teams to bring hope and encouragement to all sports fans across the globe. 

Parimatch CMO Ivan Liashenko mentioned in a statement:

“We’re putting a lot of attention there to strengthen our brand and invest a lot of resources in order to provide excellent action lines and secure the best odds for sport fans, but that’s not all. Working with Dale, whose name is already in the hall of cricket fame, simply brings us to a new level: evolving from a strong company to trusted brand by invoking fans passion for the Steyn Gun. We’re looking to establish a more emotional connection with fans and enthusiasts, and support the thrill of sports while acknowledging our social responsibility.”

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