Swedish Gambling Industry Performance Report

Swedish Gambling Industry Performance Report

Swedish Gambling Industry Performance Report

According to the Swedish Gambling Authority located in Strängnäs during the first quarter of the current year gambling operators registered in the country had gross sales of 615mln EUR. The indicator grew by 35mln EUR or 5% compared to the same 4 months of the last year.

Currently, there are 101 businesses offering gambling and betting services in the Scandinavian country, the vast majority of which are business-to-consumer bookmakers or casinos. The iGaming industry grew even more than the whole gambling and betting industry registering 7.7 percent growth compared to the Q1 of 2020.

Even though the numbers are better than those of the 2020 Q1 report, in comparison to the last 4 months of 2020 business-to-consumer deals have decreased. It is worth mentioning that Q4 of 2020 has been the most successful year in terms of sales for the industry since Spelinspektionen started publishing industry performance reports.

Gaming and betting industry brands that belong to the state also showed better performance compared to the last year’s January-April period, though the numbers of Q4 are still better.

In-person casino restaurants increased their revenue 8.6 times compared to the last year. Public goods games also have better performance results – their profit had grown by 8mln Swedish Kronas.

Thanks to the well-planned awareness boosting campaigns by the Swedish Gambling Authority, more and more people who might suffer from gambling-related harm now use Spelpaus.se.

Now approx. 63k people use the governmental tool for self-suspension. The number had grown from the last year.

Alongside with the report, Spelinspektionen has mentioned its sources saying that they almost completely rely on the numbers from official sources like the country’s tax authorities.

According to the Swedish Gambling Authority’s most recent announcement, COVID-19 related online gambling limitations will be in force until mid-November.

In order to prevent vulnerable people from gambling-related harm, the authority has sent a weekly deposit for the iGaming industry.


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